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Top Reasons You Should Become a Barber

The art of barbering has been revitalised in recent years, with the popularity of facial hair, clean haircuts and the increase of men taking more appreciation in their appearance. This rising popularity and revival in barbering means there are many more barber shops opening up around your local streets and shopping centres.

Employment of barbers is projected to rise 19% from 2020 to 2030 and is expected to continue to do so in the near future, proving a career in barbering is an excellent career choice for you.

A career in barbering has become increasingly popular and there are now qualifications in barbering available such as the  Certificate III in Barbering (SHB30516). This certification is tailored to prepare you to become a barber in an industry environment.


How to Become a Barber?

Until recently barbers have had to study the Certificate III in Hairdressing (SHB30416) in order to become a barber. Unfortunately, this did not enable students to learn the ideal techniques required for barbering such as cut-throat shaving or trimming beards. Students were previously required to do additional training to achieve the superior and specialised skills required to become a barber.

At Kangan Institute, we have packaged all of these requirements into one certification. If you are truly passionate and looking to become a barber where you can create your own unique styles then this course is for you. Become an expert in your trade and combine knowledge with practice to ensure you have exactly what employers are looking for.

This certification is focused on the craft of Barbering, where the traditions of old school barbering will be taught alongside the new techniques of urban barbering. We are proud to offer students the opportunity to study the Certificate III in Barbering, a highly respected certificate in the barbering industry, taught by real barbers, for barbers. Students can expect to cover techniques as freehand clipping and track and carving, in which designs are shaved into the hair. 

Daily Requirements of a Barber

Barbers operate out of a salon and style their client’s hair. Barbers are required to consult with clients to achieve their desired look and provide expert advice on how to maintain healthy hair with a range of salon products. Barbers are also required to groom facial hair too as well as endorse hair products.

Skills Required to Become a Barber

If you want to achieve a great reputation as a barber and build a solid client following, it is essential you communicate well with your client. You should be able to understand exactly what your client wants and the best way to achieve this. When you become a barber you should familiarise yourself with techniques of accuracy and aestheticism as well as the latest fashionable trends. From a business perspective, an insight into how the business of how a salon is run would be extremely valuable.

Become an Artist

Many people who come into your salon want you to show off your skills and see exactly what you have to offer. There will be clients who just want a little tidy up or a simple trim but there will be many who will want you to use your abundance of skills and create something truly unique. Some will be looking for a new style, some will be looking for something trendy. This gives you the perfect opportunity to be an artist, this is not a bad compromise for those boring haircuts you will face time to time.

Be Your Own Boss

To become a barber you are giving yourself the opportunity to become your own boss. Many barbers choose to be self-employed and work in barber shops. This can give you the flexibility of choosing when you want to work. You can choose to work for yourself or to work for someone else, either way, as long as you keep your clients happy they will continue to come back to you and recommend you to their friends.

Make Great Friends

Before you choose to become a barber, you should first consider the social aspect of the job. Barbers not only style hair, they are also there to hear their clients stories and offer friendly advice. The atmosphere in barbershops offers high spirits yet a relaxed ambience, there is a feeling of friendship rather than customers. Being a friendly barber around town certainly has its benefits for building your client base.

Give Your Clients Self-Confidence

For some it may just be a routine haircut, but for others it could be one of the biggest days of their lives. Maybe a first date or your wedding day. Although it may seem like a haircut is small, in the bigger picture it is clear that it boosts the confidence and changes attitudes.

If you have made up your mind and are looking to become a barber, Kangan Institute is a great place where you can find training in the latest styles and techniques.

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