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What Do I Need For a Career in Motorsports?

Motorsports is one of the most exciting career paths of the automotive sector. Although, behind the attraction is a hugely rewarding yet intellectually challenging career that stretches far beyond Formula One.

The rumbling of engines, the smell of petrol and the elegance of designs. A career in motorsports taps into the sensations that have excited car enthusiasts for generations. The Motorsport Industry is made up of small to medium sized companies supplying products and services to teams which participate in a hugely varied series of events all over the world. Motorsport companies are involved in the research and development, testing, motorcar construction and the supply of products and components for vehicles.

Aside from all the excitement, motorsport also represents some of the biggest challenges a mechanic can face. Motorsport racing can sometimes be a matter of life or death and so requires ultra-high precision in its design and manufacturing. The super high speeds and strict regulations create a specific set of constraints that motorsport engineers have to operate making this job exciting as well as highly demanding.

Do Your Research

A great way to learn in-depth industry knowledge is to read motorsport magazines and really get to know the industry you are planning to be involved in. This is also a great way to learn about the different companies and even the names of companies looking to recruit. For those with a career in motorsports will also have the challenge to keep the sport relevant, facing a fresh set of challenges, such as, a focus on energy-efficient technologies or designing using new materials.

Students should also look to attend as many race events as possible as there will be many people you can network with. Look out for opportunities to marshall at race events, volunteer marshals are always in demand and this will help you learn the rules of the circuit and how motorsport functions run. When attending such events it is a great idea to take your CV with you and be ready to hand it out to those who take an interest to you.


Whichever career path you may choose, gaining experience is invaluable. Within the motorsport industry there are lots of opportunities to get involved, whether this be washing wheels or sweeping up. This enthusiasm demonstrates your willingness and will make you a likely candidate to a prospective employer. Volunteer opportunities are a great way to help you get a head start and meet various people within the industry.

Getting Certified

For students who are interested in a career in motorsports, such as a motorsport mechanic or technician then the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology (AUR20520) could be just for you. This certification will teach students how to operate in a motorsport environment, how to service petrol fuel systems and how to inspect and service transmissions and engines. Competent students will also have the opportunity to undertake work placement and will be encouraged and supported to seek work placement opportunities and facilitation towards employment with automotive partners.

Exciting Career Opportunities

The Certificate II in Motorsport Technology offers training for students to perform vehicle servicing in a motorsport environment. Some of the employment outcomes targeted by the Motorsport Technology certification include a junior member or general hand of a race team.

In recent years there have become increasing links between the motorsport and other sectors such as Defence, Marine, Aerospace and general Automotive. There are an increasing number of motorsport companies are working and supplying to these sectors and most skills and qualifications required by these industries are very similar and transferable.

For those hoping to start their career in the motorsport industry, there are a range of opportunities, from office-based jobs, designing and testing parts for cars using CAD/CAM design, to working in the supply chain, manufacturing complex and often secretive parts to race teams who require rapid turnaround times.

Further Education

Upon completion of this certification credit transfers may be available into a Certificate III in Motorsport Technology, Certificate IV in Motorsport or a diploma program.

Student Success Stories

Kangan Institute’s motorsport student Bonnie Beard has been appointed by Erebus Motorsport to one of the top two motorsport technician positions on Aaren Russell’s Holden Commodore. Bonnie, who is completing a Certificate III in Motorsport Technology and a light vehicle apprenticeship, said Kangan Institute’s training programs and industry partnerships provided her with the stepping stone into employment at Erebus.

Read more of Bonnie’s inspiring story here and start your own success story today! Always think about what you can do to improve your employability so you ensure you stand out from the crowd. Demonstrate your passion, enthusiasm and commitment to earn your place in this exciting industry.

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