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What if I Don't Want to go to University?

There are many reasons why people decide they don’t want to go to university. Not only are university courses expensive, demanding and time-consuming, but graduates often find themselves with no guarantee of a job at the end of their hard work.

While universities are still a popular option, many find themselves wondering what to do instead of university. If you find yourself in this position, there are still many advantages to choosing alternative study options to university.

1. Employers prefer experience

Many university graduates find it extremely challenging to find employment after their degree. The simple fact is, when hiring, employers prefer candidates with the relevant hands-on experience in their chosen field. This experience should go hand in hand with a theoretical knowledge of the subject, which is why apprenticeships and TAFE courses are a popular choice among students to get the necessary skills employers value most.

TAFE courses focus on countless industries, making them a great alternative study option to university. Not only are you given the chance to train while you work, but you can also be paid at the same time. This can give you an opportunity to really succeed, often resulting in a full-time job upon completion of your TAFE course.

2. The chance to make it on your own

In today’s day and age, starting a business could not be easier. There are so many resources out there that make giving it a go on your own that much easier. Often people feel as if going to university is the only option when they finish school, however using this time to discover your unique talents may be the key to a bigger idea that may be hiding inside you.

While the idea of starting your own business may initially seem overwhelming, it is incorrect to believe that you always need to work for someone else. Getting hands-on experience is the most valuable and employable type of skill you can find, so proving initiative in a personal venture will prove your willingness in a number of other facets. Plus, it can give you the chance to make mistakes early on.

3. Earn money immediately

One of the biggest downfalls with many higher education study options, particularly university, is the fact they can sometimes leave you with very little time to earn any money. In order to live, save and do anything of leisure, you need to be earning some form of income. By selecting an alternative study option to university, you are given the professional flexibility in which you can be making money as often or as little as you like. This scenario is great for those who are hoping to travel, or just aren’t sure what their next career step is.

4. Learn how to budget

Alongside earning money; are the skills that come with managing your own finances. Learning how to budget is a feat that not many have mastered, although it is an extremely important life skill to have. Learning how to save money early on, will instill good habits for the future – who knows, it could even lead to a skill that will make you more employable in the future?

5. See the world

As any university student will tell you, studying takes up a lot of time, money and energy. These are all resources that some feel could be better spent. There are many options for travelling and seeing the world. Many opt for gap years, volunteer programs or working holidays to experience life outside of their comfort zone. Travelling can also instill a network of life skills and friends that can help familiarise you with new cultures, religions, experiences and a multitude of other advantages. You may be forced a little out of your comfort zone and into difficult situations, giving you the opportunity to think on your feet and learn fast.

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