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What Makes a Good CAD Designer?

CAD is an important skill in today’s world. It has many real world applications, from building cars to modelling construction sites. CAD is a high-earning career path with attractive remuneration whilst offering the chance of artistic expression. A good CAD designer is continuously learning and improving their skills and will always find ways to challenge themselves.

A CAD system plays a major role in how products are designed. How well you are able to manage and implement your own CAD system has a large impact on your company’s overall productivity and success. So what makes a good CAD designer and why is this role important?

Some of the questions a good CAD designer will ask themselves is how important is accuracy? Should all drawings be correct? Should all drawings be done to a specific standard? Or is it more important your drawings are done on time and to a standard?

What Makes a Good CAD Designer?

CAD design is a highly technical and aesthetically pleasing field to work in. As a CAD designer, it is not difficult to accumulate success and it is a highly rewarding career option. To gain success and recognition as a good CAD designer you will need to exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Creativity- Designing in CAD is the modern day artistry for computer-orientated individuals. You are taking an idea from its inception and creating a representation on a different medium, a computer. To be a good CAD designer, you must be highly creative and innovative.
  • Attention to Detail - As a CAD professional, your attention to detail will show in all of your work. Even the smallest amount of time you put into every design will garner huge benefits in the future. To be a good CAD designer you should look to put extra time into all of your designs.
  • Keep an Open Mind - Your own idea on how to create a design will be completely different to your managers and employees visions. Due to the creativity involved in CAD, everyone has their own perceptions of how things should be created. In this sense, there is no right a wrong when it comes to design. You should keep an open mind and be willing to accept advice from those who have more experience and anyone with great ideas. Keep an open mind because without advice your ability to become a good CAD designer will be severely limited.
  • Teach Others What You Know - A great way to improve your own skills is to teach others what you already know. Share your tips with your colleagues, training new drafters or even writing your own blog. When you teach others you become much more confident in what you already know and as a result improve your performance as a CAD drafter.
  • Be Passionate - Becoming a good CAD designer requires you to enjoy CAD. Have fun with it, learn new techniques and share your designs with everyone around you to enjoy.
  • Practice Makes Perfect - You should make an effort to work on your own personal projects. You may not be excited about the work you do professionally to earn a living so put time aside to your on projects that interest you. These personal projects will allow you to explore news ideas and techniques.

Getting Certified

Kangan Institute offers the Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade (MEM30305). This certification demonstrates a level of proficiency and professionalism to potential employers and is designed for those who wish to commence or upskill in the engineering industry. Providing training in the field of engineering design, measurement and drafting, this certification leads to employment as a CAD designer as well as opportunities for higher engineering study.

Advance Your Career

A good CAD designer will generally start out in an entry level positions under supervision and will then progress to positions with more responsibility and authority. Those who seek certifications and continues education may see better advancement opportunities. Some good CAD designers may pursue further degrees to become architects, engineers or other related professions.

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