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Why Do Teachers Love Teaching?

Teachers are some of the most important professionals in the world. They are responsible for preparing future generations to become productive, upstanding citizens that will contribute to society for the entirety of their adult life. Why do teachers love teaching? There are a few critical reasons why most teachers decide to do what they do.

The Ability To Make A Difference
Arguably the most common reason that teachers decide to teach is the ability to make a difference. There are many professions that give people the ability to have a positive impact on the world, but there are few professions that have as direct of an impact on creating a better society as teachers do. People tend to remember their teachers for years after they finish school: good teachers can inspire students to become something that they never thought they could be, or to work in a field that they did not think they were cut out for.

Another way that teachers make a difference is by providing social guidance to their students. In low-income areas where some students may not have both of their parents around, teachers can provide an important influence that helps their students make the right decisions, even when they are not in the classroom. 

Great Job Security
While making a difference may be the primary answer to the question of “why do teachers love teaching?” the issue of job security is also very important. Teachers are needed everywhere, which means a qualified, experienced teacher will not have to worry about getting fired from their job due to layoffs or budget cuts, as many other professionals in different fields sometimes have to. Job security is one of the main reasons that people who are inclined to teach decide to pursue this profession.

The Ability To Work Anywhere
Teachers are needed in almost every city: as the older generation of teachers retire, new teachers are required to replace them. In Australia, there is a specific shortage of pre-school, secondary, and primary teachers. As a certified teacher with enough experience, you can decide exactly where you want to work, and if you need to change locations for any reason it is easy to look for a job in a new place. You could even look to teach in a new country if you wanted to explore a totally new area. According to Sustainable Development Goals, the world will need to recruit over 69 million teachers to meet global demand. There are plenty of opportunities available for teachers around the world, especially in developing countries where education is quickly becoming more widespread.

Choosing Their Own Field
Why do teachers love teaching? Another one of the primary reasons is that they get to pick their own specialty. From science to history to mathematics, teachers have a wide variety of options when it comes to what they want to teach. This means that they can choose a field that they are interested in, which will help them transfer that interest to students in their classrooms so that they can inspire future generations to learn about important subjects. 

Respect From Society
Even though teachers may not be the highest paid professionals, they get a tremendous amount of respect from society at large. There are plenty of associations devoted to help teachers do a better job, such as the Australian Teacher Education Association. Teachers are valued as a critical component of a civilized society, as they should be. Many establishments, like retail stores and restaurants, offer discounts and special deals that are only open to teachers.

Becoming A Teacher
If you have considered all of the answers to the question of “why do teachers love teaching?” and decided that it is the job for you, it is important that you start to pursue certification in the area where you want to teach. Do some research about certification requirements in your city so that you can understand what is necessary to become certified as a teacher in the field that you are interested in teaching.

Teaching is a field that is filled with challenges: teachers must be patient, understanding, sympathetic, and nurturing, often all at the same time. Teachers love teaching because of the respect that they get from society as well as the ability to make a difference for the students that they teach. If you think that teaching is the right field for you, take steps to get the education and certification required so that you can start teaching a subject that you love. If you would like to find out more about how to get certified for a career in teaching , check our Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or drop us a line for some help.

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