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Why You Should Consider a Career in Hospitality

We have all been on the receiving the end of hospitality services, but have you ever been interested in becoming part of it? Many of us choose to dine out at restaurants and spend numerous hours planning our next dream vacation, yet we often overlook the hospitality industry as a job destination.

There is a high chance you have already worked in the hospitality industry. Many students work while they complete their studies and hospitality and tourism are very common industries to find a part time position in. Did you ever consider the world of opportunity available beyond an entry level position? Hospitality is one of the largest and fastest growing service sectors in Australia, if you are thinking about a career in hospitality here are some of the most important things to consider.

Work with People

The hospitality industry is people-driven. Therefore, they hire people with exceptional interpersonal skills, people who are easy to talk to, outgoing and good-natured. A career in hospitality will allow you to make good friends with your coworkers inside and outside of work which will make coming to working even more enjoyable.

Acquire a Global Skill-Set

What you learn at a restaurant in France will be pretty similar to what you learn in a diner in America. This allows you to pack up and move across the world and you will find the process of applying for work permits, internships and jobs much easier than many other industries. A career in hospitality will give you the skills that are transferable to many other industries. If you are unsure of a career path just yet, working in the hospitality industry is a great place to start.

Experience Variety

A career in hospitality means no two days will be the same. You are in the business of making people’s day which also has the effect of making your own day. You may always start the day with a plan of how you would like your day to unfold but there are many factors that can easily change this. This means there is an element of surprise to every day and you will never be bored. Those who excel in the hospitality industry are those who revel in change and contingency planning and spontaneous planning, if this sounds like you then a career in hospitality is for you.

Many positions in hospitality will allow employees the chance to train in various departments or even the opportunity to transfer to a new position for professional advancement. Gaining these promotions will allow you the chance to experience different aspects of the business. These opportunities are never limited, you can get a position in a range of different fields from HR, finance, sales, marketing, customer relations and much more.


The most successful restaurants, hotels and travel companies are continuously offering new products, packages and experiences to their customers. These new initiatives require a lot of hard work and a lot of creativity. Any of your previous travel adventures or dining at restaurants will make you ideally suited to provide quality insights to a company’s new direction. If you are full of great ideas, you can mak them a reality with a career in hospitality today.

Skills and Certifications

Some of the soft skills required to work in the hospitality sector include flexibility and creativity as well as interpersonal and communication skills. Leadership skills are highly valued, especially for those intending to pursue a position in management. Although some positions will allow you to learn on the job, gaining a relevant certification in hospitality will give you a competitive advantage and will help you start in a higher position.

If you are interested in a career in hospitality, we at Kangan Institute offer the Certificate III in Hospitality (SIT30616). Our hospitality courses run in conjunction with the four star Mantra Hotel, Tullamarine and involves a five month practical placement and training period located at the hotel. Hospitality students will gain knowledge, skills and experience in all areas of food and beverage service, reception, reservations, housekeeping and events, making them extremely employable in the hospitality industry.

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