Bruce McDonald

Certificate III in Retail Baking

Bruce McDonald

Congratulations to Bruce McDonald for his first place win at the Victorian Baking Show.

Transforming a recipe for disaster into sweet victory was perhaps what made all the difference for Bruce at the competition.

“There was quite a bit of pressure in the morning as there were issues with the oven and things weren’t going according to plan. But we adjusted the cooking schedule and got it done,” he said.

“I credit my win to my teachers who gave me the skills to create quality products. French sticks preparation may not seem difficult, but we need good hand skills to roll the bread stick into a consistent long form and the knowledge to know how to get that lovely crispy crust without burning it.”

As a young father who decided to pursue a career change after many years working at a call centre, Bruce highlighted the value of pursuing training in a field he loves.

“I’ve always been interested in baking. I love working with my hands so a real, hands-on job is really good for me. If you like baking and feel you have a passion for pastries or cakes, the teachers at Kangan Institute can support and inspire you to take it further,” said the high achiever who recently completed the Certificate III in Retail Baking.

“My next steps are to find a baking job where I can happily practice my art and my teachers have already connected me with potential employers.”