Carly Davis

Carly Davis

Certificate III in Retail Baking

Carly dreams of opening her own café and knew that getting qualified in retail baking would serve as a great stepping stone.

“My long time goal is to open a café and I wanted to be able to make everything in-house to set me apart from others who outsource everything, like cakes and pastries. I’d like to have full control over everything that goes into my products,” she said.

Carly, who currently works as a barista, says she’s worked in hospitality ever since obtaining the Certificate IV in Hospitality at the age of 17 while living in Brisbane. Her recent move to Melbourne was inspired by the city’s robust coffee and café culture, one that Carly hopes to add to with her own business in the future.

Carly shares that her training experience at Kangan Institute has been great so far.

“Our teachers are fantastic. I find that they take a lot of our suggestions on board, such as things we’d like to try to make. The atmosphere here is a lot better than a lot of other places I’ve studied at. The kitchen is fantastic – it’s brand new and everything is always stocked,” she said.

“Enrolling into the course itself was easy. At the time I had just moved here and I was still getting work and other things in order, but Sheryl (hospitality administrative officer) helped me a lot with things like applying for scholarships. Everything was just so smooth and I was enrolled in a week.”