Heidi Liedtke

Heidi Liedtke

Certificate III in Retail Baking

Heidi was studying an English course at university before deciding to change the course of her studies and follow her passion in baking.

“I enjoy baking at home and thought that doing a course in baking would be the best way to combine my love of baking while giving me a good opportunity to get a job in a field I enjoyed,” she said.

Heidi says the Kangan Institute program has been a lot of fun so far and looks forward to the range of career possibilities it’ll provide her with.

“Kangan Institute has offered such a good program. It has both bread, and cake and pastry streams, so you don’t have time to get bored with just one thing. It also means you’ll be learning a lot of things and you can get a job at different places,” she said.

“After being here for a semester I’ve found that the people here are really great. The teachers are really nice and all my classmates are great people. The facility is the best that I’ve seen; I haven’t seen another institute that has such good machines. It’s fun to come to class because I know we’ll have good machines to work on."