Quan Dinh

Certificate III in Retail Baking (Combined)

Quan Dinh

As a father of two, Quan Dinh wanted to find a career that provided a good work-family balance, offered a stable income and still something he could be passionate about.

A career as a baker ticked all the boxes and in no time, Quan found himself rapidly forging a future down this path.

“I had my own business in roofing but decided to find another profession that provided more stability since I have a young family,” he said.

“I’ve always loved baking – I don’t think anything can top the aroma of fresh bread. I also knew there were plenty of jobs available and working as a baker would give me plenty of time with my family after work.”

Quan enrolled in the retail baking course at Kangan Institute’s new baking facility and a world of opportunities in the baking industry presented itself.

“A friend suggested that I try Kangan Institute and it was the best decision I’ve ever made,” he said.

“Kangan Institute teachers have set us up for success. They provide many opportunities to build our knowledge and get our faces out to industry. Through the course I attended a careers night and was offered a position in the bakery at LaManna Supermarket.”

Raising children while studying may be challenging but not quite an impossible task as the 24-year-old has demonstrated.

“My children are five and one years old. Raising them while studying was probably not the most ideal but I pushed through it and managed my time well. It might sound daunting but I managed to succeed,” said Quan.

Success is definitely on the cards for the young baker who has participated in various competitions such as the 2018 Victorian Baking Show in Shepparton and the 2017 WorldSkills Regional Competitions, the latter of which earned him his spot as a Victorian retail baking (bread) representative at the June 2018 WorldSkills National Championships in Sydney.

“Participating in WorldSkills was a massive opportunity for me. I was stoked when I found out and my family travelled to Sydney to support me,” he said.

Quan’s goal is to open his own bakery café in the next five years. Until then, the high-flyer hopes to continue gaining skills and knowledge within this thriving industry.