John Al-Qasha

Adult Migrant English Program

John Al-Qasha

Initially from Iraq, John and his family moved to Melbourne in 2017 as humanitarian settlers.

John enrolled in our Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) at Broadmeadows campus and found his life transforming for the better as his English skills improved.

He also started participating in various activities run by community service providers located on campus, such as the Migrant Resource Centre’s Hub Club for Youth program that helps young settlers socialise and learn about living in Australia.

“It was very hard when I first moved here. My English was very bad,” John recalled.

“But now I can talk to people and I’ve joined contact groups, like the Hub Club for Youth.

“I enjoy my studies and my teachers are very good. Learning English is so important in helping me find a job or study in university. My goal is to go to university, maybe study nursing.”

The Adult Migrant English Program at our Broadmeadows campus offers students an opportunity to learn English while having access to a range of on-campus tailored services for humanitarian settlers. This includes services from organisations like Centrelink, Northern Legal, Victoria Police, Migrant Resource Centre, Foundation House and more, all coming together to provide comprehensive support for new settlers alongside their education.