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Harry Milward, Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology
Michaela Eddington

Michaela Eddington, Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising
Luisa Morollo

Luisa Morollo, Fashion at Kangan

Harry Milward, Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology
Class of 2016 Inspirational Student of the Year Award

“I had no idea how to sew and didn’t know anything about patternmaking. But the teachers here are really amazing and coming in fresh enabled me to learn so many new things.”

Taking on fashion studies at age 24 with no prior experience in the field can be daunting. But Harry shows us that becoming a late blooming fashion star is not such an impossible task after all.

“I worked as a photographer for several years, but got really burnt out and wanted to find a new outlet. I always liked fashion even when I was in photography; it’s a great way to express yourself,” he said.

Starting the course wasn’t always smooth-sailing for the experienced photographer, but guidance and encouragement from his teachers helped Harry find his way.

“I had no idea how to sew and didn’t know anything about patternmaking. It was a struggle. But the teachers here are really amazing and coming in fresh enabled me to learn so many new things,” he said.

“The feedback I receive from my teachers for assignments are always encouraging. I’d cut them out and stick them on the wall next to my desk to keep me going whenever I feel stressed out.”

As his studies progressed, Harry steadily elevated his fashion skills to great heights and was selected to showcase his Tokyo-inspired fashion collection, Storm, in the 2016 Melbourne Spring Fashion Week’s Emerging Collective Runway.

“Through the course, I gained many opportunities to grow my skills and gain new experiences. I got the opportunity to go on study tours to Japan and Indonesia, which opened my eyes to new inspirations. I was also selected to participate in the 2016 Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, which was a tremendous honour and experience,” he shared.

“I’ve just started assisting local designer Vincent Li as an intern and it’s very rewarding work within a great environment!”

To Harry, the right learning environment made all the difference to his journey as a mature-age learner.

“I’d definitely recommend Kangan Institute to others. Here you get the attention you need and learn real skills in great facilities. The teachers here are amazing and know everybody’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s a fantastic place to be and it’s been a second home to me,” he said.

Michaela Eddington

Michaela Eddington, Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising

I chose the Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising course at Kangan because it had such a presence in the sustainability area. I had attended the ‘Ecoluxe’ runway the year before and so was impressed and wanted to learn all about sustainable fashion.

This course has impacted me immensely. Before studying I didn’t really know where my career was headed. I had always wanted a career in fashion but this was never attainable. Through studying this course many doors opened up. Not only did I discover my passion and true calling to be a fashion designer but I managed to get two jobs in fashion which I am ecstatic about. The units I studied covered all areas of the fashion industry from the business side to creative side which gave me valuable industry knowledge and confidence to step out into the fashion industry.

I think I work well in teams. Whenever there is a group assignment I always ensure each students’ opinion are heard. My positive traits are that I have a friendly and welcoming persona and I’m always willing to help students when they need help or need something clarified for example if English wasn’t their first language. I have done this for a few students and have also taken time outside of class hours to help a student with their assignment.

Currently I am a casual at both of my jobs as I am just starting out in the fashion industry. However, at my previous job before studying my diploma and advanced diploma, I was a full-time store manager at a retail company. This required me not only to be a role model for my team but to also train and inspire them to deliver excellent KPI results everyday. I understood that my team consisted of many different personalities and learning styles so I had to personalize my training and coaching to each one in a way that would benefit them best. As a result, my store was always within the top 5 nationally for KPIs. I believe I would be a good ambassador for Kangan in the same way I was a good leader to my team. To have done well in this course I had to be hard-working, organized and driven and I would like to inspire students to have the same attitude and to not give up when circumstances get difficult. In addition, I am an example of someone who chose to come back 9 years after high school to study again to get her dream job so I believe I would empower many people and show them that it’s not too late to follow your dreams or change your career path.

The reason why I didn’t study fashion after high school was because I was scared I wasn’t going to be good enough as a designer so this course itself was a personal challenge. Through every assignment, I became more and more confident in myself and after realizing this was my true calling I became even more determined and driven to excel. Learning while in lockdown proved to be another challenge but I devised a plan to work bit by bit to achieve my goal without overwhelming myself.

I am the type of person to go above and beyond in my work, study and personal life. My assessments consist of more than just the minimum required and I’m always looking for ways I can improve. This is the kind of quality and attitude that I have for myself and that I bring to any workplace.

Luisa Morollo

Luisa Morollo, Fashion at Kangan Institute

I was studying Fashion at another fashion institute which ended up closing down, before that I was working and staying up late sewing things with the minimal skills that I had at the time. I chose fashion because I have always been interested in it, from a young age I loved dressing up and mix and matching crazy outfits; I'm known among my friends as the one who always wears bold outfits. I'm a creative person and I knew that I would love studying fashion, I didn't realise how little I knew about the industry and the way things worked until I started studying at Kangan.

There are so many things I love about studying at Kangan, I love that my teachers have a very deep experience and understanding of the industry, they impart their knowledge on to us every day! I love the opportunities that Kangan has provided for me as a student, I love how we learn about all aspects of the industry not just design but business, tech, sewing and pattern making and much more. Every day is hands on and you're learning something new every day, It's great! I was given the opportunity to design some coats for Guide Dogs Australia. This was an amazing experience because I had to think about designing for people who are vision impaired, so using tactile fabrics was a great way to make the coats exciting for the wearer. This collaboration will definitely benefit me in the future, the collaboration was featured in the Herald Sun and also on channel 9 news.

Another collaboration was with the Red Cross, where I made a 3-piece outfit from up cycled garments that were destined for landfill. The Red Cross generously donated old fabrics and broken garments for us to upcycle. As I am really passionate about sustainability I was offered to be included in an ABC documentary 'Material waste'. The collaboration between Kangan and the Red Cross was featured and I had the opportunity to represent my school and the great emphasis that we all put on making sustainable fashion. I would love to work in sustainability, I believe sustainability is the future and there is lots of work to be done there. Because I have a passion for creating I want to pursue a sustainable clothing line with a fellow classmate.