Future in the fast lane

Matthew Brusamarello has always been intrigued with anything fast so when it came to choosing his future, he decided to try his hand at a course in motorsport. Little did he know, it would soon lead him down an exciting path to working with one of the world’s most famous V8 racing teams. 

Currently completing Kangan Institute’s Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication as an apprentice fabricator at Ford Performance Racing, Matthew’s journey began with the Certificate II and III in Motorsport before progressing to work experience and employment within the legendary racing team.

Matthew, who was recently appointed Kangan Institute’s 2013 Student of the Year, shared that his decision to train in automotive and start an apprenticeship opened up a new world of possibilities for him.

“My mother forced me to complete my secondary education and to this day, I thank her for that because I would not be in the position I am today if it weren’t for her,” he says.

“Looking back, I never really thought at the beginning of my journey that I’d come out as a fabricator. But I can say that I could not have chosen a better profession than this one where I’m constantly making something different which keeps you on your toes and learning new skills every day.”

From building parts and engineering solutions right through to crash damage repair, Matthew’s role provides him with daily opportunities to keep learning and innovating within an exhilarating environment. 

“Being a fabricator in the team is one of the greatest behind-the-scenes jobs in the world,” he shares.

“It is extremely satisfying seeing something I’ve built racing around a track and competing against others. Also part of my job is building extremely complicated engineering masterpieces that aren’t made in any other industry in Australia. I think this is one of the reasons why I’ve been able to accelerate my learning curve – because I’m making things that nobody else is making, I’ve learned to think outside of the box in all my projects.”

Matthew highlights that his apprenticeship training at Kangan Institute provided him with the best balance of theoretical knowledge and practical know-how.

“Being able to work and study at the same is, in my opinion, the best way to learn,” he says.

“You are able to learn from both sides, the practical and theoretical. At school, for instance, you could learn the theory behind welding and how it works, practice it in the school workshop, and then go and refine that technique at work. By doing this, you’re constantly getting great information and tips from your teacher and your foreman at work.”

Over 20 apprenticeship study areas are available at Kangan Institute, with training delivered at specialised facilities such as the Automotive Centre of Excellence at Docklands campus and the Engineering facility at Broadmeadows campus.

Matthew was recognised for his study achievements at Kangan Institute’s annual Graduation and Awards Ceremony on 22nd April at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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