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They show that the world of beauty is more than just a creative outlet, but an avenue that drives confidence, purpose and self-expression throughout times of hardship.

L'Oréal Australia selects the next cohort of their Beauty For All scholars, which supports people facing hardship pursue a rewarding career in the beauty industry, and once again we see four passionate aspiring beauty professionals as the very deserving recipients.

The Beauty For All scholarships program aims to engage with passionate individuals who have the motivation to start a career in the beauty industry, and make it a reality. It is the entrepreneurial spirit and motivation of these individuals which makes them stand out from the crowd, and is the kind of talent L'Oréal Australia looks to support.

“Each year when we select our Beauty For All Scholars we’re not only blown away by the level of passion and skill already in these individuals. What we see is that even through hard times or when things can feel out of reach, these individuals never gave up on their dream, and continued self-training to develop their skills and expertise.” Christine Burke, Communications Director, L'Oréal Australia.

The students will be recognised at an awards ceremony at L'Oréal Australia in Melbourne presented by Rodrigo Pizarro, Managing Director of L'Oréal Australia & New Zealand. Four scholarships, equating to $45,000 in total, will cover the recipients’ full tuition expenses at Kangan Institute, one of the largest and most trusted education and training providers in Victoria.


Joel’s passion for beauty and makeup artistry is apparent within a moment of meeting him.

As a perfectionist, Joel takes pride in the precision and detail of makeup with the hope to have a career in cinematic makeup, working within both film and editorial.

While Joel navigates how to manage both living independently and accessing the necessary training and qualifications for his career, Joel also speaks of other personal barriers including his apprehension of being a male working in the beauty industry.

"I felt there would not be many males wanting to do this course and it’s a reason I had been hesitant to apply, as I was concerned that I might be left out or be an outcast from the group."

It is Joel’s hope that he can be a role model to other males who may also wish to pursue a career in the beauty industry, but are hesitant based on gender stereotypes.


With a desire to make others feel beautiful and confident, Heidi looks to use what she learns within her beauty training to help positively transform her clients’ perception of themselves.

“I love the way beauty therapy uses aesthetic principals to bolster an individual’s self-esteem.”

Following a time of caring for a sick relative and helping to emotionally and financially support her family through this stressful period, Heidi explains that the scholarship removes the financial barrier of completing this qualification.

“First and foremost, it was important for me to be supportive to my family for what was happening at home. And now it feels like it is the right time to go back to study. I want to whole-heartedly immerse myself in the experience of this course without being practically or emotionally hindered.”

Heidi’s ultimate goal is to open her own beauty salon, but before then she looks to become a beauty advisor and artist within a leading retailer.


Tomorrow is devoted to pursuing a career that she loves and where she can give back.

“I love to make people feel good about themselves, especially those that have lost self-confidence due to illness. When I graduate I would like to work with the Royal Melbourne Hospital, to provide beauty services to cancer patients to help them feel good.”

As a single mother of two boys, it has been difficult for Tomorrow to establish the financial stability necessary to access her beauty training but by receiving this scholarship, Tomorrow is able to prioritise her career and ultimately create the best future for her family.

Returning to the workforce as a young mum, it was important for Tomorrow to do something that she was proud of, whilst also providing the flexibility necessary to look after her boys, Izac (9) and Liam (4).

“I hope that other young women who have been through hard or challenging times find the inspiration to always make the best of their circumstances. You can do anything!”


Nikeesha is an example of how beauty has not only helped her to gain confidence in herself, but provided her with the knowledge and ability to connect and communicate with others.

“I love the feeling when people tell me that they love what I’ve done and seeing a genuine reaction from clients is what makes me more determined to continue with beauty therapy.”

Nikeesha shares how over the years she has realised that emotions such as anxiety or stress can stop her from performing at her best, and therefore she wants to ensure that she challenges these internal feelings to make sure they’re not barriers to her own success.

“Beauty has always been something I’ve used to escape from a troubled situation and to give myself more confidence. I hope I can help people that have been through a hard time, feel encouraged to get out and do what they want.”

Following her studies, Nikeesha hopes to open her own business. With a passion for skincare and cosmetics, she hopes to have a career where she can continue to develop her skills and knowledge

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