Does Your Friendly Nature Make You the Perfect Childcare Worker?

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Last Updated: 28th October 2021

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Childcare is a profession that not everyone is interested in: however, it is a big industry that employs many people in different roles. In fact, if you have the right personality to be in childcare, you may be able to find a job easily in this field.

Does your friendly nature make you the perfect childcare worker? Think about your answer to these key questions to find out:

Are You Patient?
Patience is one of the most important attributes for a childcare professional. Children have lots of energy and often will be resistant to pre-planned lessons or activities, meaning you will be responsible for making sure that they get their necessary tasks completed. Besides the children themselves, remember that childcare professionals also have to deal with protective parents, who may have plenty of questions about their children and unfair demands of the people that are put in charge of taking care of their kids. Patience is indeed critical for those that are looking to start a career in childcare.

Does Your Friendly Nature Make You the Perfect Childcare Worker?

Are You Nurturing?
Another important attribute of childcare workers is the ability to nurture. It is not enough to simply be there to supervise children: the best childcare professionals also have the ability to nurture children in a way that helps them learn and grow into the best person they can be. While this is a trait that can be learned, it is also one that many of the most successful childcare professionals naturally possess. The ability to nurture is especially important for childcare professionals that are also responsible for educating the children that they take care of.

Can You Communicate Well?
Does your friendly nature make you the perfect childcare worker? You also need to be able to communicate. There are two forms of communication that childcare professionals must consider: communicating with the children they take care of, and communicating with their parents and guardians. Volumes of books have been written about the best way to communicate a message to children. The right method depends on your personality and your preferred way of teaching kids right from wrong.

The other important type of communication for childcare professionals is being able to communicate with the parents of the children they care for. Parents almost always want to know how their children are doing, and if something goes wrong while you are entrusted with their child it is your responsibility to communicate the incident to them in a timely, efficient manner. This is especially the case for special needs children, who often have specific plans created to help them learn about the concepts that are important for them to grow into a functioning adult.

Does Your Friendly Nature Make You the Perfect Childcare Worker?

Pursuing A Career In Childcare
Does your friendly nature make you the perfect childcare worker? If you believe that it does, the next step is to learn about ways that you can access education to become a childcare professional. The first thing that you may want to research is information from Registered Training Organisations such as Kangan Institute about your training options.

You should also learn about the laws in your particular city and state. This will help you find out if there are any specific classes or certificates that you need to begin working as a child care professional. Get in touch with your local higher education institution to learn about options that they have for training in child care. You also need to begin gathering as much experience as you can, even while you are still taking classes to learn about child care. Try to see if any of your family members or close friends will let you take care of their children, or enquire at your local school or care center to see if they need interns or volunteers. These kinds of positions are a great way to get some real-world experience with childcare and may help you decide what specific kind of childcare you are best suited for.

Does your friendly nature make you the perfect childcare worker? If you have always had a fondness for kids and you want to make a quantifiable contribution to the world, becoming a childcare worker is a great option. Be sure to explore your options and learn as much as you can about the field of childcare so that you can give yourself the best possible chance at successfully entering this field if you believe it is the one for you.

Take Advantage of Free TAFE at Kangan Institute
The Victorian Government announced in 2019, that it would be offering 50+ Free TAFE courses and pre-apprenticeship pathways for eligible students. The great news is that many of those included in the Free TAFE scheme fall under the early childhood education and care sector. Not only can you start working towards a career you’ll find incredibly satisfying, but you can do it free from student debt.

Courses include:

If you would like to find out more about getting certified for a career in childcare, check out one of Kangan’s wide variety of courses, or drop us a line for some help.