TAFE to University Pathway - Kayla’s Story

Kangan Institute Blog TAFE to University Pathway - Kayla’s Story

Date: 4th May 2020

TAFE to University Pathway - Kayla’s Story Before enrolling with Kangan Institute, Kayla aspired to work in the justice system. She knew study was on the cards, but hadn’t obtained the ATAR needed for a Bachelors and didn’t feel she was ready for the full three year commitment of a University course.

After a bit of research, she learned of the pathways on offer at Kangan Institute that would give her the flexibility to complete her studies at TAFE, while also guaranteeing her entry into University with credits when she was ready.

“The thought of university was a bit daunting whereas the thought of TAFE looked good. It did not frighten me as much”, Kayla says of her experience.

Kayla was able to build her way up to the Advanced Diploma of Justice (22200VIC) in stages, first completing the Certificate IV, followed by the Diploma and finally the Advance Diploma. Kayla says that by enrolling in TAFE she “always had a choice at the end of each course rather than going to university where you had to wait for 3 years to finish.”

The learning environment at TAFE also suited Kayla’s needs as she says “TAFE was very hands on. The teachers were very supportive…you built a strong bond with the teachers the whole time you were there…if you had a problem you knew they would help you with it.”

After completing her Advanced Diploma of Justice (22200VIC) with Kangan Institute, Kayla took time to work in the community and commit to starting a family.

When ready to continue her studies, she was able to take advantage of the pathway articulation with Federation University where she gained 12 credits (equivalent to 18 months study) in the Bachelor of Criminal Justice.

After completing her Bachelor this year, Kayla has plans to undertake honours in 2021, a once “daunting” thought now made possible through TAFE pathways.

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