Solar Training Facilities

Located at Building E in Broadmeadows campus, Kangan Institute's solar training facility is one of the best places to access modern, up-to-date solar installation training within Melbourne's north-west corridor.

Opened in 2012, the facility was built in response to the world's focus on environmental sustainability and clean energy, offering our students the option of learning skills to work and install the latest solar equipment.

The facility consists:

Roof-mounted solar panel arrays including four 1.5 kilowatt systems installed by experts at Smarter Green:

  • The systems are positioned at different angles to north to show the effect the sun's location can have on the output of a system.
  • One of the systems simulates the effect of shading from other buildings using remotely controlled blinds while another simulates the effect of litter or shading (i.e. from overhead branches).
  • The systems can be controlled from the classroom and monitored using the roof-mounted camera system with360 degree tilt. Students can see, measure and record the results.
  • The system feeds energy back to the grid when not used for training.

A separate standalone unit consisting of a 1 kilowatt system that can be moved to the optimum position wherever the sun may be positioned. This system feeds a set of batteries that are then connected to an inverter to produce AC.

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