Customised cover letters

Kangan Institute Employment Centre

Kangan Institute Employment Centre

Trying to capture an employer’s attention with your job application is key to getting an interview. Using a customised cover letter is definitely a step in the right direction to having your application short listed.

A good cover letter is as valuable, if not more so, than a well-constructed resume. It provides the employer with a more personalised insight into what motivates you and gives you the opportunity to highlight relevant skills and experience. A well worded cover letter combined with a professionally presented resume can really strengthen your application and give you the edge over other applicants who haven’t taken the time to tailor their applications.

Don’t fall into the trap of just having one standard covering letter where you simply change the position and employer contact details. It’s always obvious when those letters come across the desk and they show the recruiter you haven’t put any real thought into your application. Read the job advertisement or the position description and pick out the key characteristics the employer is looking for and then tailor your letter to show you understand the role and have skills they would value. Explain what has motivated you to apply for the advertised job and outline the skills you possess that are relevant to the job. Finish your covering letter with a simple paragraph explaining that you would welcome the opportunity to discuss your application further at interview.

Keep your cover letter to one page and double check it for spelling and grammatical errors. Ensure you include your full name and contact details in the covering letter.