Kangan Institute Learning Support

Are you finding the maths and writing requirements of your course a bit difficult? Maybe you’ve been out of school for a while or just didn’t get the help you needed?

You’re not alone!

The Centre for Foundation and Language Skills can provide you with the assistance you need to successfully complete course work.

How do you get assistance? All eligible students are assessed to see what help they need as part of the Student Engagement System and then recommend enrolment as required.

For a customised course, contact us for more information at learningsupport@kangan.edu.au or call 9098 5999.

Learning support is also available online. Click here to find out more.

Alternatively, please visit here.

You can also access additional Study Support (counselling, and workshops) to help you develop strategies to cope with the demands of study.

Further Resources

English not your first language? We can help! We provide training in Certificates of Spoken and Written English.

  • Certificate 1 Spoken and Written English

Do you or a friend of yours have trouble with maths or reading or writing? We can help here too.

  • Certificate 1 in General Education for Adults

Contact the Centre for Foundation and Language Skills on 92792446 for assistance.