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6 Reasons to Get a Certificate or Diploma

If you’ve ever hit a rut in your career or found yourself working harder while not getting the recognition or pay you deserve, improving your education has more than likely crossed your mind. But what can you do to improve your situation?

You probably don’t have the time, money or energy to go back to get another bachelor’s degree, nor do you need one. A master’s degree might be worth paying the high sticker price for, but what if you already have one or simply can’t juggle school, work and family effectively?

More and more people are going back to school to get a certificate or a diploma to enhance the degrees they already have. For example, IT professionals could benefit from an additional certification in the latest computers and software programs, which might be enough to make him or her eligible for a promotion or a raise. At the very least, a certification will ensure that you’re keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest trends so you don’t fall behind in your field.

Still not convinced that a certificate or diploma will help you? Check out these benefits and apply them to your career track. Maybe a certificate will help you more than you think.

Time Savers

Most people fear they won’t find the time to sit in a classroom and fully pay attention, what with kids to pick up from school and a demanding job, but certification and diploma classes are structured with nine-to-five employees in mind. Remember, this isn’t university. No one expects you to study full-time. Almost all of your classmates will be working professionals as well.

Certification classes are often structured with one class for six or eight weeks, depending on the class. This also includes a few certification courses, but overall, you’ll have your certification in just a few short months.

Diploma programs require a little more time and effort. The program will usually have a series of classes that you are required to pass. Diplomas also take a little longer to earn, but you should have completed all of the necessary work within twelve to eighteen months.

Compared to a four-year bachelor’s or a two-year master’s program, one year doesn’t seem so bad.

Keep Your Piggy Bank Happy

If you have kids at home, you’re most likely worried about paying for their education rather than yours, but certification and diploma programs don’t come with huge price tags.

Because these programs are designed for the average working professional, they often offer a range of class times and types that you can take, no extra costs included (and that means no pricey textbooks). Some classes will be held on weekends; others might be held entirely online. Some people prefer to go to night school.

Some companies will even pay for their employees’ education! Assuming you pass the class, companies will often offer full compensation. It serves to reason that the company can only grow stronger if its employees are well-trained and highly skilled. Check with your manager or human resources department to see if your company offers this or any other sort of compensation.

Whatever option you chose, you will still be able to maintain your full-time job along with any other obligations to your family and friends while keeping your bank account nice and healthy.

Fantastic Networking Opportunities


Think about the types of people you’ll be sitting next to. You won’t be sitting in a room with undergraduates who have no experience. You’ll be sitting with people much like yourself, who are trying to better themselves and their careers.

These classes are a networking dream. There are so many possibilities for furthering your career if you only take the time to get to know your classmates. Remember you’ll be doing projects with them and discussing the material. This is your time to show off your skills.

Who knows? You just might meet someone at your dream company. Now you have an in, someone who might be able to put in an excellent recommendation or give you the low-down on nailing a job interview with your potential boss.

High Acceptance Rates
Do you remember waiting in agony for that letter of acceptance from your dream school? Before you start wondering whether or not your prior education will be enough to get you into the class, relax and take a breath. Certificate and diploma programs are much less competitive.

The classes are designed to further educate practicing professionals in their fields. This isn’t a competition like four-year and master’s programs tend to feel like. Most of these programs have no prior education requirements. If you sign up, you’re pretty much in.

Intriguing New Internship Opportunities

You probably haven’t done an internship since university. You’re probably more used to telling interns what to do than having to fetch coffee and send faxes yourself. However, if you’re seriously considering a career change or at least a new career path, an internship might be exactly what you need.

As with the internship you did in university, this one will give you one-of-a-kind experience with working professionals and potential colleagues. You get the chance to put your skills to the test and see if you can apply what you learned while simultaneously building or boosting your resume.

This is also a great networking opportunity. If your internship goes well, the company might offer you a full-time position, launching you into a new, exciting career track.

Practical Skills Enhanced
The certification and diploma programs you take are specifically tailored to your level of knowledge, which means it will build on the skills you’ve already acquired. Your classmates will also be up to speed so you won’t have to spend time going over what you’ve already learned.

While specialised studies are always a big plus, you can return to more basic courses, even if it does mean going over what you already know. Basic skill classes are narrowed down to teach only what’s relevant and being used in your field. Rather than learning everything there is to know about Adobe Photoshop or another type of photo editing software, a certificate program might focus on the features of Photoshop that are useful to a portrait photographer, such as how to get rid of red eyes and wipe away blemishes.

There is always room for improvement when it comes to your career. Whether you’re happy with the one you’re currently in, or you’re looking for a change, a qualification can help you expand your possibilities and ensure that you’re up to date with everything you need to know. The benefits of VET qualifications are enormous, which is why more and more Australians are choosing them as the way to launch their chosen career! Find out more about the courses that Kangan Institute offers here.

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