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Drive Forward with a Career in the Automotive Industry

Have you always loved working with cars and other vehicles? A career in the automotive industry is a fantastic pathway to choose and could be right for you. The automotive sector is one the largest and most progressive in the world, offering new opportunities across a range of fields.

If repair and maintenance are your game, or sales and business are where you see yourself heading, we can help you break into the industry and drive your career forward. Considering a career in this exciting field? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to start your automotive career.

A World of Opportunities

The automotive industry isn’t slowing down anytime soon. It’s the largest manufacturing industry in Australia, employing over 50,000 people across the country. Opportunities to forge an interesting career continue to open up each year.

So, how do you get the most out of it? Whether you’re just beginning your journey or ready to develop your skills, enrolling in TAFE courses such as a Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology (AUR31120) will give you a diverse career pathway.

With the Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology (AUR31120), you could obtain work as a registered tradesperson in retail, service and repair sectors of the automotive industry. Once you’re qualified, you might be surprised by the diversity of employment options available.

Whether you’re interested in manufacturing of vehicles, starting an automotive business, international development or project management, there are many opportunities to choose from. Possible career options at the end of your certification include:

  • An automotive mechanic
  • An automotive electrician
  • A parts interpreter
  • A business owner
  • A heavy vehicle motor mechanic
  • A light vehicle motor mechanic
  • An engine reconditioner
  • A marine mechanic

Be Part of a Progressive Industry

Automotive is at the forefront of technological advancements. It is a field driven by technology and continues to grow and push the boundaries. From the discovery of new fuels and manufacturing techniques to predictive analysis and the creation of light materials, there is a constant drive towards innovation.

TAFE courses allow you to keep pace with the industry. Access opportunities to continuously learn new skills, adapt your current knowledge and contribute fresh ideas to respond to these developments. With more companies investing in the global market, diverse research and experimentation are expected. The automotive industry is unlike any other, offering career opportunities that excite and innovate every day.

The Right Drive to Succeed

It takes the right attitude and experience to succeed in the automotive world. To work well in this role, you will need to enjoy practical and manual activities, be good at mathematics and able to cope with the demands of the job. Alongside the technical and practical skills, you will learn along the way, you will also need to:

  • Be Passionate
    When it comes down to it, being passionate about the industry will help you to become successful. Passion drives talent and enables you to stand out, opening new doors and improving your job satisfaction. If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.
  • Problem-Solve
    A career in motoring is highly analytical. The job will require you to solve problems through research, development and manufacturing. At every stage of the cycle, spotting a problem and minimising the risk or damage is a key challenge.
  • Communicate
    A huge part of the automotive industry is based on service. Whether you have ambitions to open a small business or work within a global company, you will need to relate well to people. This means translating industry jargon into easy terms, understanding the brief and maintaining great lines of communication with your team members.

Getting Certified

To get ahead in the automotive industry, you will need to have a current skill set and an understanding of the industry. TAFE courses show a potential employer that you are passionate about what you do and have the right skills and experience to succeed.

The Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology (AUR31120) is a nationally accredited course that covers all of the material necessary to complete advanced study. You’ll be trained to work in heavy vehicle road transport, gain the skills and knowledge to carry out service, repair and diagnostic procedures.

Graduates are recognised tradespeople in heavy vehicle mechanics. Once completed, you may be able to obtain work as a registered tradesperson in the retail, service and repair sector of the automotive industry, with heavy vehicle road transport.

This course leads to advanced study in the automotive field at Certificate IV or Diploma level automotive courses. Start your career within the fast-paced and exciting automotive industry at Kangan Institute, and get certified today.

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