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How General Education Can Help Your Career

Returning to work or study can be a daunting experience, especially after a long break. At Kangan Institute, we are here to offer you our professional support to help plan your successful career path. Whether you are study ready or your foundation skills could be stronger, we can help you build your industry skills and knowledge.

Many adults are choosing to return to studies to gain the knowledge and skills they need to help their future career aspirations. The majority of courses students are looking to study, whether it be business, technology or ICT, may also require students to complete the necessary general education requirements in order to enrol and complete their certification.

General education skills such as reading, writing, numeracy and employability skills are required and essential to prepare you for a new career. If you are considering returning to studies you can expect to learn a variety of different skills that will impact your ability to complete your change of career. General education holds significant relevance as it allows students to acquire or hone in on skills they may not possess.

For many returning students, focusing on their core skills or a particular area of interest may be their main priority, however, the skills taught in general education will prepare you to advance steadily in your chosen field and will significantly improve your employability. Employers are looking to employ professionals that possess not only career-focused knowledge, but also the intangible skills necessary to perform the job well.

Learn Required Skills

Throughout the completion of the general education requirements, you will develop the necessary skills that can help you stand out of the crowd of job seekers. Understanding the value in completing this certification will allow you to build your skills in several key areas that employers require:

  • Critical Thinking - The ability to evaluate a problem with the information given and determine an appropriate course of action.
  • Written and Oral Communication - The ability to convey information effectively to others.
  • Problem Solving - Being able to identify problems and determine appropriate solutions.

Benefits for You

Some students believe that general education classes should not be required because they are not relevant to their specialised. Regardless of your personal career goals, every student will experience certain benefits, the Certificate I in General Education for Adults can help you gain these following benefits:

  • Think for yourself, support and validate your opinions and be a more insightful reader and listener.
  • Continue to keep learning, progressing and upskilling throughout your life.
  • Resolve conflicts and solve problems alone and also with the help and support when required to work with others.

Get Certified

The Certificate II in General Education for Adults (22473VIC) will help students to reach their career aspirations, giving all students the confidence needed to pursue further study or enter the workforce. The more education you have obtained the more opportunities you will have in the job market. This certification will help you to improve your literacy or numeracy skills to help you get a job.

This course helps students improve employability and provides access to further education and training opportunities. Kangan Institute’s general education course is designed as learning support and customised to assist students who are already undertaking studies with us. Often students undertaking pre-apprenticeships or other vocational studies for the first time may also need to further develop their literacy and numeracy skills in order to successfully complete their vocational course work.

General education requirements have many important purposes. It is in the interests of students, employers, colleges and universities and society to keep this important element of education.

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