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How to be the Perfect Car Salesperson

When you consider a career in new or used car sales, you might think that all you need is a decent knowledge of automobiles and some sales pitch terminology to get a customer on the hook. The truth is that this profession requires more than just smooth talk and confidence, though both characteristics can be helpful. You need the right personality traits and people skills if you want to be successful in turning tyre kickers into buyers.

Here are some tips on how to be the perfect car salesperson.

Be a good listener
A big part of success as a salesperson involves hearing what the potential customer has to say. You cannot approach someone who wants to buy a car and tell them everything you know about vehicles. This is simply a turn-off and many prospects will walk off the lot when feeling extreme pressure. Give the buyer the floor and earn their trust by hearing their side of the story.

Understand problems and want to solve them
It’s clear that not everyone buys a car for the same reason. Appreciating their problems is akin to being a good listener; however, you need to go a step further and solve them if you want to know how to be the perfect car salesperson.

Have excellent powers of persuasion
Of course, you should have skills in persuading people if you want to find success in car sales. You’ll be effective if you’re able to present yourself as an expert and can make a recommendation based on the customer’s situation. The art of persuasion sometimes means guiding a prospect into making a buying decision, rather than using off-putting sales speak.

Be well practiced at time management
As is the case with many professions, you need to know how to manage your day as a car salesperson. There’s a fine line between investing too much in a potential buyer who’s not ready to purchase, as compared to giving a qualified customer the right amount of attention to make the sale. Of course, spending time with prospects is only part of the job. You also have paperwork to complete and financing documentation to run through. The key is being efficient at everything you do while on the clock.

Make mathematics is one of your strengths
You may not consider math skills as being at the top of the list when it comes to how to be the perfect car salesperson, but the truth is that knowing your numbers is a helpful quality. Many times, you’ll be asked about a monthly payment on the spot or receive an inquiry about how much discount a customer can expect. Having a firm grasp of math makes you look like a professional.

Have impeccable attention to detail
Knowing the specifications and features of a car is essential to being able to properly present it to a qualified customer. They’re going to have questions about fuel economy, performance, interior materials and audio components. This requires you to study up on each vehicle in your lot and be able to provide the details that inspire your customers to buy.

You’ll also need to pay close attention to detail when drawing up purchase paperwork and financing documents. You can’t afford to make mistakes when you’re at this stage of the sales process. Errors can cost you a customer, or even your job.

Work well under deadlines and stressful situations
In most cases, your position as a salesperson will require you to meet a certain quota, i.e. selling a designated number of cars during a particular period. Whether you’re given a quarterly or annual requirement, it’s likely that you’ll feel pressure at some point during your career. However, you cannot allow this stress to manifest itself in your job. You must still do your best to convert sales and bring in customers.

If you have a good grasp of these tips on how to be the perfect car salesperson, you might want to consider taking the next step. You’ll need some education and coursework to fine tune your skills and prepare you for success in the field, as passion isn’t enough without the right tools. Additionally, you’ll find it helpful to have exposure to other car sales professionals, both for career support and assistance in finding employment after you complete your program.

At Kangan, you have access to a high level education and professional networking opportunities to get you started as a car salesperson. Check out our wide variety of courses for more information or contact our office to discuss your career options.

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