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How to Fit In When You Start a New Job

Starting a new job is a very exciting time, but it can also be one that brings a large amount of anxiety. New jobs mean a new workplace, colleagues, and rules and regulations to follow.

If you have recently been selected for a new job, after spending a sufficient amount of time celebrating your achievement, it is time to start thinking about how to fit in when you start it. Fortunately, with a bit of attention to detail and the ability to adapt your behaviour and presentation, you will assimilate into your new workplace in no time.

Before You Start Working

During the time period between getting official confirmation that you have gotten the job and starting it, there are several things that you can do to help yourself more effectively fit in at a new position.

First and foremost, make sure to review any company documents or manuals that you have been given by your manager or other company supervisors. You will most likely have received some type of guide or documentation about what to expect when starting work. Read over these documents closely to ensure that the information they contain sinks in.

You can also take advantage of the tremendous power of the Internet. The Internet is especially valuable if you are taking a position at a large company that employs many different people around the world. Using websites like Glassdoor, you can read what other people have said about the company that you will be working for to get more information about what the company culture is like. The more details you have about the culture of the organisation, the easier it will make the process of how to fit in when you start a new job. You should also talk to friends or family members who have worked at similar companies or organisations in the same industry to get some background information on what to expect.

When You Start Your New Job
On the first day of your new job, try not to stress too much about fitting in and getting things right. No matter how good you are at adapting to new situations, there is going to be an adjustment period where you will be learning about the company and how to best take care of the responsibilities of your new job. Every employer understands this, and the best ones will give their new hires ample time to get adjusted to their new surroundings.

Most of the time, your first few days will be spent learning about the company and your new job responsibilities. Make sure to pay attention to everything that your supervisors and colleagues tell you; keep all the documents that you receive safe, and make sure to fill out any new forms in a prompt manner.

Learning About The Nuances of Your New Workplace
Paying attention to the forms and paperwork that you get at your new position is the obvious part of answering the question of how to fit in when you start a new job. The more subtle elements of fitting into your new job require being observant. Consider the following during your first few days at the office:

  • How do your colleagues speak to each other? How do they speak to their supervisors? Some companies expect very formal language, while others are more laid back. Try to pick up on conversational clues and incorporate them in the way that you talk to your colleagues and supervisors
  • What are people at the office wearing? While you probably have some official guidance on dress code in your company handbook or policy guide, you should also pay attention to what people are wearing to see how stringent the organisation is about dress code; you don’t want to come in wearing a full suit when others in your department are wearing khakis and polo shirts
  • What is the general attitude of people in the office? Are they friendly and social, or do they keep to themselves? How well do your colleagues seem to get along with each other? Understanding the social dynamic of your new job is a key concern when thinking about how to fit in when you start a new job

Remember that it may take some time to learn all of these elements of your new position. If you are observant, hard-working, and willing to adapt your actions and behaviours as needed, there is a good chance that the question of how to fit in when you start a new job will not be an exceedingly difficult one for you to solve.

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