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How to Get a Job in Marketing

Marketing is essentially the promoting of goods or services of an organisation and can take place in all areas of industry. It involves researching current markets and planning how best to promote and distribute products and services. It is crucial to have an understanding of consumers and build a good, strong relationship with suppliers and clients.

Marketing is a promising and multi-faceted career path that continues to grow because of the rise of the Internet and social media platforms. Marketing can range in anything from advertising, media planning and sales strategy to public relations. A marketing professional is required to use critical thinking and creativity to create, manage and enhance brands. At Kangan Institute, the Certificate IV in Leadership and Management is a fantastic opportunity for those looking for a marketing career in a leadership role. If you are looking to start a career in marketing here is what you need to know.

Marketing Agencies Vs. Marketing Departments?

For those working for a marketing agency, this means a typically more unrestrained, but a more high-pressured environment. The client is not able to see behind the scenes to check progress every hour, although there is a lot more riding on the success of the project. There is a lot more variety available and a stronger sense of teamwork.

When working for a marketing department in-house will mean you are extremely focused and needing to respond immediately to the needs of the business. However, you do not have the variety a marketing agency has and may find yourself performing the same tasks year after year. You will, however, get to know the company a lot more intimately and be better positioned to deliver solutions the company may need.

Getting Qualified

Many people in this industry do not actually have experience in marketing. Many employees have degrees in English, Economics, History and Foreign Languages. Whatever your degree or TAFE course specialised in, ensure you use your background to display you have the skills that are necessary for a job in marketing.

Getting Experience

Prospective applicants should make the most of their experiences. You may not think you have marketing experience, although there is a way to make your experience align with marketing skills. Here is a list of common skills that most of us possess:

  • Research skills: Marketing requires problem solving and problem solving often requires you to research to get to the bottom of a problem. All certifications require you to do some kind of research no matter what you are certified in. It is always important to emphasise your experience.
  • Creative skills: Marketing employers are searching for people who can think outside the box, no matter the circumstance. If you have creative writing experience from an English certification, this is a great way to show your creative side. Most courses require you to give a presentation, or make a project so this is another great way to express your creativity. Discuss the creative strategies you used to engage others, perhaps using an old concept but presenting it in an exciting new and improved way.
  • Organisational skills: Strong organisational skills are crucial as a career in marketing requires you to balance a variety of projects. There are many ways to show this, for instance working a part time job whilst studying, this proves you can keep to a busy schedule.
  • Sales experience: If you have ever had a job working in retail, although this may not be marketing role, you can explain how your knowledge of a specific product has helped you understand how to market it. Whether it’s putting up advertisement signs or finding a new way to sell the product to customers.
  • Teamwork Experience: Whether this is a group project at university or a project you worked on in a work environment, you should emphasise your ability to communicate with others and how you collaborated, as this is exactly what marketing jobs entail.

The easiest way to get a job in marketing is to gain more traditional experience in the marketing industry. Enquire about a marketing position at the company you currently work, companies prefer to hire internally as they have a good grasp of your work ethic and capabilities. Look for entry-level marketing jobs that offer lots of training opportunity, the experience you gain are extremely valuable. You can also freelance or do contract work to develop your portfolio, whilst you are enhancing your skills you are also building on your CV and references.

Alternatively, you can search for jobs in small companies in addition to larger firms, almost every business has a marketing budget. If you are offered a marketing internship that is unpaid, do not turn this down, this is another valuable way to add some extra marketing experience to your CV. Next, find your niche, if you are looking to do fashion marketing, find a job in a clothing store. If you can move up in this job, you may just find yourself in a marketing position.

Do I Have What It Takes?

Before you get a job in marketing you should research what marketing actually involves. Although marketing is a broad category it can range from advertising to managing Facebook pages, there are qualities that apply to all these different roles:

  • Creative thinking - Are you able to look at the traditional situations in an innovative way and refrain from something bland in a way that makes it appealing.
  • Communication skills - You need to be a strong writer who can clearly and concisely communicate your thoughts. Also, verbal communication needs to be strong and clear to ensure all stakeholders are across all projects coherently.
  • Data handling - Are you able to organise, interpret and explain complicated data?
  • Problem solving - Are you able to foresee, spot problems and figure out a way to solve them.
  • Initiative and drive - Demonstrate that you’re an ambitious person who goes above and beyond the requirements of your job.
  • Research skills - You need to have strong research skills that can help you understand a situation from a multiple of angles.


Watch webinars and recorded training. A marketing career uses marketing automation, email marketing and salesforce/CRM. Although you may not have experience using them, you should get an understanding of how they work. All companies provide incredible amounts of resources for you to educate and train yourself, ensure you take full advantage of these. Soft skills are also incredibly important to learn, figure out how to find or take great images even learn how to use design software and learn some simple video skills, this will help others in your team that may be under extreme pressure. Always be able to help when you are needed.

Market Yourself

Networking is an essential way to let people know who you are and to improve your chances of getting a job. Although it is extremely important to gain experience, it is equally important to have connections who can help you get a job.

  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a professional network, not only should you have an active LinkedIn profile, you should also update it often and make sure you include all of your previous experience. You can network by adding people to your LinkedIn network.
  • Alumni Networks: Take advantage of the alumni network at your college or university. Joining an alumni networking sites to increase your chances of finding a connection who can help find you a job.
  • Network in Person: You may often meet people that can help you advance in your career so ensure you are friendly and personable and exchange contact information.
  • Friends and Family: Ask your friends and family if they know of any marketing jobs as this is another great way to increase your chances to get a job in marketing.

Working Life

A marketing career will usually be the standard working hours of a nine to five, although you may be required to work longer to attend events or close the end of projects. There are often opportunities to travel internationally. Networking is a large part of the industry and you may end up combining your work and social life. Seeing the results of your work is a major perk to the job, whether it’s advertising on billboards or websites it is a highly satisfying reward and can provide you will fulfilment. The urgency to keep all clients happy can be challenging but also very exciting along with the career itself, highly fast paced but always exciting.

Marketing roles such as a marketing assistant can expect an average starting salary of $43,702, though this may differ considerably if you are employed within a marketing department of a business that operates in a different sector. Salaries of more senior roles such as marketing directors can expect an average salary of $148,553.

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