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Meet Jessie Lin - Student of General English

Jessie Lin has dreams of becoming an engineer one day. Even though she has the skills and knowledge to pursue that dream, Jessie has been limited by difficulties with English.

That’s why Jessie studies General English at Kangan Institute.

“Choosing the right place to learn English can reduce wasted time and lets you progress quickly,” she said, when we spoke to her recently.

As a globally recognised institution, Kangan Institute not only helps Jessie improve her English language skills, it helps her move towards her dream of becoming an engineer through industry and university connections.

Why Jessie Studies English

Jessie has dreams of becoming an engineer one day. To achieve her dream, she doesn’t need to be a master of English, but she recognises the role of English as a language for international business.

Not only is English useful for people who want to work in English speaking countries. If Jessie decides to work as an engineer in her home country, English skills prepare her for international business, making her more attractive to potential employers.

“English is an international language,” she pointed out, when we had a chance to speak to her recently, adding that, “learning English can help me in my future work.”

Jessie might not decide to remain in Australia after she completes her English studies, but she is taking the time to work on her English while she lives here.

Learning English can be highly challenging, especially for adults. The grammar is difficult for many, and English words have notoriously crazy spelling. This means that even for someone who becomes a fluent speaker, developing strong written English is still very hard.

Grammar and spelling are skills Jessie wants to master. “Learning English grammar,” she says, is important to her, saying that she dreams of being able to “write correctly”. For Jessie, these are important things in learning, “how to speak English.”

Some research has shown that a mixture of classroom study and being around English speakers every day, is one of the best ways to learn and retain a new language. This might even make it possible to develop skills like a native speaker.

This means, while Jessie is living in Australia, she has a unique opportunity to learn English that she wouldn’t have in her home country.

“I join a lot of societies after class in Melbourne,” Jessie says. This is partly for fun, but she says it also allows her, “to practice my English,” in a way that she couldn’t if she were living in her home country.

To make the most of this opportunity, Jessie chose Kangan Institute, to take her English skills further, quicker than she could have alone.

Why Study At Kangan Institute?

“We study English and improve our English in class,” Jessie says, saying that she has already noticed a massive improvement in her English language skills.

“My friend Weber, he was studying at Kangan,” she says, “he learned a lot of practical knowledge and applied it to related work.”

“The course was very useful for him, and now he’s got a good job and passed a career assessment.”

Kangan Institute is one of Australia’s largest and most trusted educational institutions. For almost 100 years, Kangan Institute has been educating people from all over the world.

This level of experience has meant that Kangan Institute has developed courses and teaching methods which focus on helping students to excel and reach their full potential.

Jessie says that she definitely feels a part of this when she studies at Kangan Institute, and has great admiration for her teachers who go above and beyond to help students. In fact, Jessie says that the most influential people she has met while at Kangan Institute have been her teachers, Louise and Joe.

“My English teachers have a wealth of knowledge,” she says.

“Here in the upper intermediate class we learn together, and we learn from each other,” says Louise, emphasising the friendly, multi-cultural environment that helps her students improve their English together.

Each teacher spends time with students, to make sure that the class caters to their unique learning style. Every student is different, and teachers at Kangan Institute understand that.

“The school respects the way that every student studies language,” Jessie says.

The benefits of studying at Kangan Institute don’t stop when class finishes, or even when you graduate. This is because Kangan Institute offers internationally recognised certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas.

This means, that studying English at Kangan Institute not only helps students learn important skills, such as writing essays, communicating with confidence, and doing research. Kangan Institute prepares students for direct entry into TAFEs and universities, one of the things that Jessie found most appealing when she was looking for the best English course.

“Kangan Institute is a very famous school,” Jessie says, “and also trusted by many companies.”

Jessie is confident that these industry connections will help her advance her career once she graduates. She thinks this is a great reason to study English at Kangan Institute, and hopes that more people take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

“English is an international language. By learning English well, you can avoid unnecessary misunderstandings or unnecessary mistakes in your work.”

“At Kangan, you can learn real English skills,” she says. “Kangan welcomes you to join us!”

Want to apply to study at Kangan Institute? You can browse our ELICOS courses here, call us on 13TAFE, or apply online now.

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