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Scholarships available at Kangan Institute

If you’re considering studying this year but are struggling with finding the funds to pay for tuition and other fees, Kangan Institute have a number of scholarships that can help turn your dreams of study into a reality.

Kangan Institute offers a number of scholarships which are made available to students who are considering commencing their studies with us.

These scholarships are either directly administered by Kangan Institute or are externally-funded scholarships (where applications are made directly to external organisations). 

Kangan Institute administered scholarships are available for domestic students (Australian citizens and permanent residents) and includes our Education Support Scholarships.

International scholarships are available for students who are coming to Kangan Institute from outside of Australia. We currently offer a number of International Automotive Scholarships (applications close 31st January 2023).

There are also from time to time, externally-funded scholarships made available throughout the year. These currently include:

  • L’Oreal Australia ‘Beauty for All’ Scholarship
  • Hume Multiversity Tertiary Scholarship Program
  • Access Scholarship

Please have a look through each of the scholarships above as some have closing dates, to get a better understanding of your eligibility and whether they suit your requirements.

If you have any questions, you can also reach out to our student welfare team on 03 9279 2511 or email welfare@kangan.edu.au if you have any questions.

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