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Signs you were born to be a Teacher

If you’re considering a career in the teaching profession, there are a few things you’ll need to know that go beyond education and the classroom experience. To be a teacher, you need to possess the right personality traits and characteristics that you simply cannot learn by taking a test. Teaching a younger generation might seem easier than dealing with adults, but it presents unique challenges that not everyone is cut out to handle. Here are some of the qualities that you’ll need to succeed as both a teacher and a leader.

You’re passionate about learning and sharing your knowledge
If you find yourself constantly driven to read and research more about a certain topic, teaching might be the right career for you. When you also enjoy telling others about the information you find and explore in books or online, the classroom setting is an ideal one.

When you’re given a challenge, you face it head on
Teachers deal with a lot of hassles, both in the classroom and out. Conferences with administrators and parents are a part of the profession, and these encounters can be a challenge you might not expect. Teachers are often confronted about their performance, many times not by the students they’re instructing.

You always see the glass as being half full
A certain amount of optimism is necessary if you want to be a teacher and it goes along with being passionate about what you do. Your positive energy is contagious and it actually inspires students to learn, rather than just memorise the facts they need to pass a test.

Flexibility is one of your strong suits
There’s really no such thing as a typical day in the life of a teacher, so you need to be prepared for the contingencies constantly thrown at you. It’s essential that you adjust as necessary – it’s even better if you can turn around unforeseen circumstances and use them as a learning experience.

When you say “I love kids,” you really mean it
You’ll hear people say this, but many times they’re unconsciously referring to their own children, relatives or friends. You’re cut out for the teaching profession if you really care for a child’s development and educational support. Someone who loves kids wants to see them succeed in their own special way and play a big part in that progress.

You’re fascinated by many different subject areas
When you have a keen interest in a certain educational field, such as science, math or medicine, teaching a younger crowd may not be for you. Instructing at the primary school and lower level typically requires you to have a more well-rounded approach in the classroom.

However, that’s not to say you wouldn’t be successful as a teacher, because you may be perfectly suited for teaching older children or at an institution of higher learning. At these levels, you’re actually expected to have a firm grasp on your area of interest so that you can provide in-depth instruction to students who may be pursuing certain career paths.

Long hours inspire you
There’s a widely held assumption that you’ll maintain Monday through Friday hours roughly nine months out of the year as a teacher. However, to be a teacher, you can expect your work to extend into the evening hours and you don’t get summers off. Not only are you grading tests, reading essays and planning your curriculum, but there are also professional development activities to engage in. You can expect the same time and effort investment, sometimes more, as any other full time position.

You’re creative in finding new ways to present the same material
Those who have been teaching for awhile will be providing instruction on the same topics, year in and year out. It’s to be expected that the material can become tedious, even to someone who’s fascinated by a particular subject matter. Finding new and creative ways to make your point is what separates a great teacher from a mediocre one.

As you review this list of personality traits indicating that teaching might be the right career path for you, it’s also important to know how you obtain the right qualifications. You’ll need to find the best educational programs to prepare you to be a teacher and fine tune the skills you already possess. In addition, it’s smart to have a network of mentors you can turn to for support and professional development.

At Kangan, we offer a wide variety of courses to prepare you for a position in education. Please check out our education courses and curriculum, or give us a call to discuss your career options.

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