BEC: Programs and Services

New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS)

BEC @ Kangan is a Managing Agent for the Commonwealth Government’s NEIS program

Exploring Being My Own boss

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be self-employed?

This is a short course delivered over 10 days to introduce you to the practical skills of what is needed to start your own business. It aims to assist you:

  • Decide whether you want to give self-employment a go … and, if so:
  • Provide you with a head start for the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme which focuses on the process of detailed planning to achieve the goal.
  • Topics covered:

    • Understanding the marketplace
    • Researching to reduce risk
    • Branding and digital presence
    • Legal and tax obligations
    • Understanding communication with customers
    • Determining effective marketing decisions

This program is funded by the Commonwealth Government. Eligibility requires that you are not working full-time and not enrolled in any full-time training or education.

Business Consultation

Suitable for new business intenders, recent start-ups and established small businesses. New business intenders will receive assistance to understand the basic requirements of establishing a business and receive advice on how to initially research their business concept to determine the best approach to commence your business. Recent start-ups and existing businesses will be able to discuss with an experienced, professional small business consultant the issues, challenges and opportunities currently existing in business, and be advised of referrals or relevant courses of action available to address these matters.

Mentoring Program

Preceding the commencement of the mentoring program is an initial consultation to establish specific needs and requirements. The mentoring program itself involves individually personalised designed sessions. Desired outcomes and goals will be identified and established at the commencement of the program. Individuals will work with an experienced small business mentor who will guide and assist in meeting the desired outcomes. These could relate to marketing, business planning, as well as specific growth strategies.

Package prices depend on the number of sessions arranged. Each session is for 60 minutes and is conducted at a location and time to suited to participant availability.

Strategic Business Planning Program (SBPP)

If you are planning to start up a business you will create a New Business Feasibility Plan, or if you have an existing business you will create a Strategic Business Plan. This program is both relevant and practical for the future of your business.