Scholarship and Grant Programs

If financial hardship is a barrier to you achieving the study, Scholarship and Grant programs at Kangan Institute may be an option for you. At Kangan Institute, we’re here to support you throughout your study journey. We have scholarships and grants available to help you achieve your goals.

  • L’Oreal Australia ‘Beauty for All’ Scholarship

    The L’Oréal Australia ‘Beauty for All’ program offers scholarships to disadvantaged students who can demonstrate that they have a passion for the beauty industry and the commitment and motivation required to successfully complete beauty therapy training.

    The program awards scholarships to students who are facing difficult circumstances that are preventing or have prevented them in some way from being able to undertake vocational training.

    Applications close on Wedenesday 22 January 2020.

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  • Education Support Scholarships

    Education Support Scholarships are available across a number of study areas/departments at Kangan Institute. The scholarship provides a waiver or a reduction of your tuition fee, student services, IT fees and may include other related educational expenses.

    Who is this scholarship for?

    • An Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident of holder of a Permanent Humanitarian Visa (PHV) who’s facing financial hardship.
    • Students need to be offered a place in their chosen course before applying for a scholarship.
    • If you’re under the age of 18, you’ll need to obtain parental/guardian consent before submitting a scholarship application.
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  • Hume Education Guarantee Scheme

    The Hume Education Guarantee Scheme (HEGS) will assist local Hume students with access to tertiary education opportunities by guaranteeing a place in a course. The Hume Education Guarantee Scheme will work with aspiring tertiary students that have not been offered a place through VTAC but have satisfactorily completed VCE. These students will be able to seek assistance to secure a pathway into a course of interest, most likely to be entry at the diploma level.
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