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Working in motorsport is fast-paced, adrenaline filled and where 100’s of a second can make all the difference between agony and ecstasy. It’s certainly an industry like no other.

Make no mistake; it’s not all champagne and shoeys! It takes hard work, dedication and above all teamwork to succeed on the racetrack. While mechanical aptitude is important, race teams are looking for students with a willingness to do whatever it takes to secure team success.

Kangan Institute’s Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) has a long and proud involvement in Australia’s premier motorsport scene, including Supercars, Super 2 Series and TCR Australia with many of our recent graduates going on to forge successful careers in motorsport as technicians.

Our unique internship program continues to go from strength to strength and now encompasses six race teams. Successful candidates gain the opportunity to undertake a one year internship with one of our industry partners that ultimately may lead to a full-time role within a race team.

So, if you see your life’s journey on the racetrack, we’d love to hear from you!


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