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Date: 7th March 2019
Everything You Need to Know About Free TAFE Courses

Everything You Need to Know About Free TAFE

Whether you’ve recently left school and are looking at your next step, or you’re mid-way through your career and looking for a change, a TAFE course can connect you to the opportunities you seek.

You may have heard that the Victorian Government recently announced that it would be offering 50+ Free TAFE courses to eligible students. Even more exciting than free tuition, is that the jobs that you’ll qualify for have been noted as being in high demand.

But beyond the initial announcement, many prospective students are looking for more information about exactly what it would mean for them and their future to undertake a Free TAFE course. Here’s a list of everything you need to know about Free TAFE courses in Victoria for 2019.

What Is Free TAFE?

The Government has put forward that the state currently lacks the workers it needs to carry out major changes planned—like delivering major infrastructure projects, reducing family violence, and expanding the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The solution is to invest $172 million in a Free TAFE course list of 50+ courses and apprenticeship pathways that will educate the next generation of workers to fill these in-demand roles. So as well as taking advantage of free tuition, you’ll also be in the ideal position to effect real change for the betterment of our state.

Everything You Need to Know About Free TAFE Courses

Who Is Eligible?

Free tuition in a world where so many are burdened with $50,000+ debts seems almost too good to be true. But for young students and career changers, it’s certainly possible.

It’s unsurprising that the announcement of free tuition has attracted a significant amount of interest. The Free TAFE courses eligibility criteria is more straightforward for some than others. Young people and the unemployed will be prioritised over career changers, for example.

If you fit into any of the below categories, then you may be eligible:

  • You’re under 20.
  • You're any age, looking to upskill in your chosen career. This means that your chosen course needs to be a higher qualification than any you currently have.
  • You’re any age, looking to change careers. Offers are prioritised as needed.
  • You’re retrenched, unemployed, or a client of the Jobs Victoria Employment Network.
  • You’re an automotive supply chain worker.

You can discuss your specific situation by calling 13TAFE.

Why study at TAFE?

A TAFE course is becoming the preferred option for many graduates seeking immediate entry into a broad range of career paths. While many students have grown up being told that only a university education will grant them access to a bright future, graduate salaries for TAFE students are often higher than for university graduates. What’s more, TAFE education is clearly the training of the future. 9 out of the 10 jobs expected to experience the most significant growth in the next five years require a TAFE certification.

As well as the Victorian Government’s identified upcoming projects, like reducing domestic violence, expanding the National Disability Insurance Scheme and delivering infrastructure projects, careers in STEM are also set to be highly lucrative in our tech-centric future. Contrary to popular belief, almost 70% of those in STEM careers earned their qualification through TAFE, more than double those who attained it through university.

Everything You Need to Know About Free TAFE Courses

Free TAFE at Kangan Institute

Every year, 30,000 students in Melbourne choose to study at one of Kangan Institute’s five campuses. And since January 2019, many are already taking advantage of the Government’s subsidised education through Free TAFE for Priority Courses. Kangan Institute offers 36 Free TAFE courses that fall under the Free TAFE arrangement, spanning hospitality, health, horticulture, construction, accounting and more. Offering such a diversity of career opportunities with free tuition, it’s no wonder that so many students are flocking to enrol in a Free TAFE course at Kangan Institute.

What’s more, Kangan Institute offers a Skills Recognition program, meaning that your prior learning and experience will be taken into account when assessing whether you meet certain entry prerequisites for certain courses.

Want to apply for a Free TAFE course at Kangan Institute? You can browse our courses, call us on 13TAFE, or apply online now.