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Hidden Jobs in IT

When you think of jobs in IT, you might think of technical support jobs. You probably have a negative image of downtrodden people in customer service departments trying to explain how to connect a computer to a WIFI network to a confused customer. It probably doesn’t sound very glamorous or even challenging.

The fact is that IT is one of the fastest growing jobs and possibly one of the most in demand jobs. Computers have become a daily necessity, and most companies depend on computers and other forms of technology in order to do their jobs efficiently. Without the IT department, most employees would tear out their hair trying to figure out why their computer won’t work properly.

What’s also great about this field is that it’s virtually everywhere. If you plan to move across the country, chances are there will be plenty of jobs in IT wherever you go. If you’re a skilled, reliable worker, you shouldn’t have too many problems finding a job.

Of course, there’s more to the profession than just fixing servers and computers. Here are five awesome jobs in IT that will pique your interest in the field.

Business architects

Who said architects only work on buildings and landscapes? More and more companies are beginning to realise how important their IT department is to how they conduct business. As business models change, the technology they use influences how they go about achieving their goals.

This is where the business architect comes in. These professionals organise the different types of technology to better serve business goals. When a company wants to change how their sales or customer service department performs their daily tasks, the business architect provides them with the right technology to make their jobs easier.

These professionals are not outside consultants. They’re directly employed by a company and report to the CEO or other supervisors. With their insider knowledge of the goals of the business and what it wants to accomplish, the business architect is better equipped to choose the best technology to produce the desired results.

Data scientist

Almost all businesses with websites rely on empirical data from Google Analytics and other software to tell them hundreds of different things about their websites and online presenc. They learn how many clicks their online ads are getting, how many people are visiting their websites daily, where are these people from, how long are they staying on the website and many other types of information.

As you can tell, quite a lot of information accumulates. That’s where the data scientist comes in. It’s this professional’s job to go through all of the data from the website, any online ads and social media analytics to better understand the business’ online presence and send it to the right people. These people will then decide what should be done to make it better. The scientist might uncover interesting customer behaviour or find better methods of optimising the website.

This also extends to potential security risks and threats. The data scientist keeps an eye out for bugs and viruses that could potentially affect the website.

Salesforce Chatter.

Not long ago, companies looked down on social media because they didn’t quite understand its full potential. Within the last few years, it’s become increasingly evident how important social media is to any business model, but they’re quickly finding that social media is a useful internal tool as well.

Surprisingly, a social media architect doesn’t necessarily work with Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. These architects build internal social media sites to help different sectors of a company communicate better and work on projects in a new way. These sites allow people to collaborate on projects, share data and train new employees.

Salesforce, the online data cloud companies use to keep track of clients and their data, uses a social media platform called Chatter. Any one from any department can post information or ask a question. It’s internal, so customers do not have access to it, and it allows all parts of the company to connect on one platform.

Mobile technology expert
Perhaps the biggest game changer of any company is becoming a mobile-friendly company. Whether it’s constructing apps or crafting mobile strategies, a mobile technology expert has recently emerged as one of the most sought-after jobs in IT.

These experts are in charge of helping companies use these mobile devices in their jobs and keep them up and running as it is no longer practical for employees in the field to be carrying around laptops. So companies need someone to make sure all tablets and smartphones work correctly wherever their users take them.

A mobile technology expert’s job is basically to ensure that a company’s mobile devices work. They should know how to program them and what to do when their users encounter error messages.

Enterprise mobile developer
As the web browser is no longer the dominate way to access the Internet, companies are turning to apps and other mobile strategies to find new ways to better reach their customers. For this project, they’re looking to enterprise mobile developers for help.

Similar to the mobile technology expert, this position is more about customer mobile uses rather than internal uses. An enterprise mobile developer is in charge of interpreting mobile data and using its findings to create apps and secure them for users. This is what sets them apart from other mobile developers. Mobile technology experts need to have in-depth knowledge of compliance and security.

Companies are also looking for experts in responsive web design who will create websites that stretch across multiple mobile platforms. A candidate who is a mobile technology expert should have knowledge of this type of design and be able to create these designs for the company.

As you can see, the world of jobs in IT stretches far beyond that of a general tech support technician. IT jobs are in high demand, and so long as we depend on technology, this type of job is going to be around for a long time. If you love computers and enjoy building and programming them, the jobs in IT might just be the perfect jobs for you.

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