English, Numeracy and Work Education Testimonials

Certificate II in General Education

“It’s not easy looking after my mother and studying, but I always try to do my best. I think it’s important to improve my skills to get a job in the future.”

Fadi moved to Australia from Iraq over three years ago to seek a better life. Upon settling here, he assumed responsibility as a full-time carer for his mother but continued to pursue general education studies as a way to improve his prospects in this new country.

“I’ve improved so much since doing the course. I love meeting different students from different cultures and practising communicating with each other. As I am experienced with computers, I also get to help other learners with computer work,” he said.

Certificate I in Work Education

Jackie has enrolled in the Certificate I in Work Education to enhance her skills in literacy and numeracy and is enjoying her course so far.

“I attend classes from Monday to Wednesday. On Thursdays and Fridays, I work for my brother in an office and my course at Kangan Institute has helped me with my work, such as typing documents, scanning and invoicing.”

Adult Migrant English Program

Initially from Iraq, John and his family moved to Melbourne in 2017 as humanitarian settlers.

John enrolled in our Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) at Broadmeadows campus and found his life transforming for the better as his English skills improved.

“It was very hard when I first moved here. My English was very bad,” John recalled.


“I enjoy my studies and my teachers are very good. Learning English is so important in helping me find a job or study in university. My goal is to go to university, maybe study nursing.”

Rania Ateih

Certificate II in Spoken and Written English

“Kangan Institute is the best place to learn English and my friend recommended the course to me. I really enjoy studying with lovely and kind teachers. I have an ambition to improve my English quickly then I want to do an accounting course so I can work at a bank which I used to do in Syria.”

Adult Migrant English Program

As a new migrant in Australia, conversing in English was one of the biggest challenges for Bruno since leaving Brazil. Then the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) at Kangan Institute turned his life around in just eight months.

Bruno is now a confident English speaker and recently completed a work placement at a gym as part of his course. 

“The teachers at Kangan Institute are fantastic; they have a lot of experience in teaching migrants and providing support with finding a job,” said Bruno.

Hanaa Ishag

Certificate II in Spoken and Written English

“My three sons advised me to come to Kangan. I enjoy learning English with my teachers. I want to do a course to become a teacher aide. I always advise my friends or relatives to come to Kangan because it’s the best way to learn English quickly.”

Adult Migrant English Program

Born and raised in Thailand, new migrant Sureerat says the AMEP course – which also includes a two-week work placement experience – has challenged her to improve her skills and widen her career options.

Invisar Alwassiti

Certificate II in Spoken and Written English

“The teachers at Kangan Institute are really lovely and very good.”