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Remba Imaging

David Pearce from Remba Imaging had some fantastic things to say about the program and Kangan Institute's involvement:

"The WIL team at Kangan Institute have just been fantastic and have provided great support throughout the process by maintaining frequent contact and making onsite visits at Remba. They have also taken the time to understand our business and the opportunities we have on offer.

The WIL team understand the students and recommend candidates who are likely to be a good fit for our business and those we can offer a valuable learning opportunity.

With the WIL program, students benefit from the experience of operating in a 'real-world' workplace and apply their learning in a practical context. We had the pleasure of having a number of Kangan Institute students work in the business in the areas of PGA, Multimedia Development and Computer Systems Engineering.

We found that Kangan Institute's students are workplace-ready and work well with our existing team. They are eager and willing to take on challenges and are very capable of delivering meaningful projects in the business with minimal supervision. They often bring diverse and up-to-date skill sets to the business and this fosters innovation in our products and processes.

We would highly recommend the program to other businesses. It's a good opportunity to engage positive, young people with fresh ideas and lots of energy. They can make a tangible contribution to a business, taking on and delivering practical projects.

As an employer, the program also provides the opportunity to identify and select students for ongoing employment opportunities."

Bart goes from strength to strength

1 October 2010

It's safe to say that it hasn't been a smooth journey for Kangan Institute graduate Bart Breen, who has managed to overcome significant adversity and challenges on his journey through education and into the workforce.

Bart had always been a capable and dedicated student, however serious health issues first appeared in 2006, while he was halfway through year 11 at high school.

What began as a series of infections led to months of doctors' visits. These eventually returned a diagnosis of Bart suffering from a duodenal ulcer, which caused nausea, stomach pain, vomiting and weight loss.

During this time Bart's condition had taken another unpredictable turn, as he was falling into a deep sleep for up to 18 hours every day. These issues required additional trips to specialists over the following three years who required further tests, medications and proposed solutions, including the surgical removal of his soft palate and tonsils.

It was soon clear that his health issues were remaining a barrier to his schooling and, at the urging of his parents Karen and George, he put his school studies on hold in order to focus on recovery.

The downside to this decision was that Bart's friends remained in school, causing him to feel increasingly isolated.

Soon after, Bart and his family discovered a Kangan Institute course guide. Leafing through, Bart decided to apply for a full-time Certificate IV in Information Technology (Programming), chosen as something that would not only help him meet new friends and keep his mind active, but also allow enough time for his significant ongoing medical commitments.

Enrolled in his new course, Bart soon found himself in a place where he could be treated with respect, and learn in a positive and welcoming environment.

At long last, Bart's luck was looking up.

The flexibility offered by the contact hours proved a blessing, with Bart able to gain enough rest to remain healthy and manage his neverending doctor visits with a minimum of stress.

Not too long after that, an endocrinologist - a doctor who specialises in hormone imbalances and gland diseases - made a significant step towards diagnosing Bart correctly. After three long years, Bart was on the mend.

Continuing on from his cert IV qualification, Bart graduated from Kangan Institute in 2009 with a Diploma of Software Development, which won him both the Outstanding Achievement and the prestigious Silver Medallion Award from the IT department.

Bart's health has since vastly improved, and he is now placed at the top of his class at La Trobe University, having followed the guaranteed pathways that a TAFE qualification can provide. His grades rarely dip below 90%.

He has recently joined Kangan Institute to work part-time as a CRM Database Administrator within the Enterprise Solutions team, and continuing with his streak of good fortune, he's also recently become engaged.

Bart's mother, Karen, wanted to let Kangan Institute know that they helped make a real difference.

"Coming to Kangan could have been a negative experience," she said, "It could have caused Bart to give up all together.

"However instead it gave him hope that he could go further. My husband George and I want to thank you all."

Stepping stone to university for digital media graduate

06 July 2012

Danny is looking forward to a great future in digital design and animation.

'Medieval Windmill' was designed by Danny in 2011 as part of the Diploma of Interactive Digital Media at Kangan Institute..

It's often an uphill battle to pursue your dreams but for Information Communication Technology graduate Danny McKenna, the skills and experience gained at Kangan Institute made the journey very much easier!

As part of our Certificate IV and Diploma of Interactive Digital Media, the thirty-seven year old mastered 2D and 3D graphics software skills and produced a professional folio of work, which he then used to gain entry into the competitive Bachelor of Arts, Animation and Interactive Media program at RMIT University.

"Having the experience from Kangan Institute has been a great advantage for me," he said.

"There's no way I could have achieved entry into RMIT without my Kangan produced folio and skillset; it really is quite a rigorous entry process into the course that demands a fair level of skill and dedication."

The supportive nature of teaching and wide range of training resources available at Kangan Institute also made a difference to Danny's overall learning journey.

"The relaxed atmosphere at Kangan campuses, along with its skilled and experienced staff and professional resources, were an amazing opportunity and benefit to me," he said.

"And in contrast to the RMIT course, Kangan courses were very easy to apply for and much cheaper too!"

Danny, who is also a session musician, is planning to make full use of the flexible nature of the digital media industry by pursuing freelance digital media work whilst playing music.

"I wish to further develop my skills and folio so that on completion of the Bachelor of Arts, Animation and Interactive Media, I can sustain a coalescent career with music and digital media," he said.

"Ultimately I think this will mean continuing to tour and record, whilst working freelance and doing contract work for film, television, or advertising as a digital designer, modeller or animator."

When asked if he had any advice for aspiring digital media students, Danny highlighted that staying abreast of industry trends, networking and hard work was instrumental to success.

"The digital media realm is constantly evolving, so study, networking and research are of utmost importance to keep up with software updates and Industry progression," he shared.

"And be prepared for long hours of work, not the shiny final piece straight away. The animations and effects we see in films today are the work of thousands of people all working for months on small elements each."

Kangan Institute offers a full suite of digital media training options including the Certificate IV in Interactive Digital Media, Certificate I to III in Information, Digital Media and Technology and the Certificate III in Media, with many graduates moving on to higher level studies or pursuing exciting careers starting with our Work Integrated Learning programs.

We wish Danny all the best in his future endeavours. To check out Danny's latest work, go to: and