Baking Testimonials

Certificate III in Retail Baking

Carly dreams of opening her own café and knew that getting qualified in retail baking would serve as a great stepping stone.

“My long time goal is to open a café and I wanted to be able to make everything in-house to set me apart from others who outsource everything, like cakes and pastries. I’d like to have full control over everything that goes into my products,” she said.

Certificate III in Retail Baking

As a young father who decided to pursue a career change after many years working at a call centre, Bruce highlighted the value of pursuing training in a field he loves.

“I’ve always been interested in baking. I love working with my hands so a real, hands-on job is really good for me. If you like baking and feel you have a passion for pastries or cakes, the teachers at Kangan Institute can support and inspire you to take it further,” said the high achiever who recently completed the Certificate III in Retail Baking.

Certificate III in Retail Baking

Ivan worked in Toyota’s assembly department for 20 years but left his position because the factory closed. As a result, the 55-year-old chose to re-skill in an entirely new career path: baking.

“The course has improved my skills,” he said. “I was really unsure of my future direction when I first started, but I feel quite confident about the direction I’m taking now that I’ve completed the course.”

Ivan speaks highly of the level of support that Kangan Institute provided him with, noting that “even the equipment we used was good and it made me feel like a real baker.”

Certificate III in Retail Baking

“Kangan Institute has offered such a good program. It has both bread, and cake and pastry streams, so you don’t have time to get bored with just one thing. It also means you’ll be learning a lot of things and you can get a job at different places,” Heidi said.

“After being here for a semester I’ve found that the people here are really great. The teachers are really nice and all my classmates are great people. The facility is the best that I’ve seen; I haven’t seen another institute that has such good machines. It’s fun to come to class because I know we’ll have good machines to work on."

Certificate III in Retail Baking (Combined)

As a father of two, Quan Dinh wanted to find a career that provided a good work-family balance, offered a stable income and still something he could be passionate about.

A career as a baker ticked all the boxes and in no time, Quan found himself rapidly forging a future down this path.

“I had my own business in roofing but decided to find another profession that provided more stability since I have a young family,” he said.

“I’ve always loved baking – I don’t think anything can top the aroma of fresh bread. I also knew there were plenty of jobs available and working as a baker would give me plenty of time with my family after work.”