Horticulture Courses

Foundations Testimonials

Certificate III In Agriculture

Course Code: AHC30116   Course Type : Full-time(6 months)    Campus Name: BROADMEADOWS

This course is tailored for those who are interested in growing food whilst managing the natural environment.

You will learn about the importance of managing the soil and revegetation programs, including an introduction to beneficial indige...

Certificate IV In Agriculture

Course Code: AHC40116   Course Type : Flexible(2 years),Full-time(1 year)    Campus Name: BROADMEADOWS

Our Certificate IV in Agriculture (AHC40116) is designed for those wanting to learn about regenerative farming practices and adopt these to a nominated project or their own enterprise.

The principles learnt are focused on smaller ...

Diploma Of Horticulture

Course Code: AHC50416   Course Type : Full-time(1 year - Full time&n)    Campus Name: BROADMEADOWS

This course is suitable if you currently work in the Horticulture industry at a level requiring higher technical skills. This course reflects the roles of those who manage amenity horticultural enterprises where a range of knowledge and skills are...

Certificate III In Parks And Gardens

Course Code: AHC31016   Course Type : Flexible(2 years),Full-time(3 years)    Campus Name: BROADMEADOWS

This course provides the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain open space areas in parks and gardens. The course has been designed for apprentices and horticulture practitioners and can be delivered and assessed in the workplace. Participants...

Certificate III In Horticulture

Course Code: AHC30716   Course Type : Full-time(6 months)    Campus Name: BROADMEADOWS

This course will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills on which to build a successful career in the horticulture, landscape or parks and gardens sector. Training focuses on practical skills required including: landscape construction ...

Certificate II In Horticulture

Course Code: AHC20416   Course Type : Full-time(6 months)    Campus Name: BROADMEADOWS

The Certificate II in Horticulture (AHC20416) is an ideal course for new participants wanting to enter in the horticulture field. The course aims to address underpinning knowledge and skills that will assist participants in developing competency a...