Certificate III In Bricklaying/Blocklaying

Certificate III In Bricklaying/Blocklaying

Course Code
Construction & Engineering
Study Area(s)
External Delivery, Building and Construction, Onsite Training
Course Length
Flexible(1 year)

Start Date(s): Any time of the year as long as you meet the entry requirements. You need to be working in the industry and have access to a live work site.
End Date(s): 12 months
Days and Time: Onsite delivery

Course Overview

This course is designed for those working in the construction trades as a bricklayer. It's delivered through on-site assessment where our assessors visit you on your job site.

To be eligible for the course you must be currently working in the industry as a bricklayer and have a minimum of five years experience.

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Module CodeModule TitleNominal Hours
CPCCBL2001AHandle and prepare bricklaying and blocklaying materials (CPCCBL2001A)16
CPCCBL2002AUse bricklaying and blocklaying tools and equipment (CPCCBL2002A)30
CPCCBL3002ACarry out masonry veneer construction (CPCCBL3002A)60
CPCCBL3003ACarry out cavity brick construction (CPCCBL3003A)60
CPCCBL3004AConstruct masonry steps and stairs (CPCCBL3004A)32
CPCCBL3005ALay masonry walls and corners (CPCCBL3005A)76
CPCCBL3006ALay multi-thickness walls and piers (CPCCBL3006A)60
CPCCBL3009AInstall flashings and damp proof course (CPCCBL3009A)8
CPCCBL3010AConstruct masonry arches (CPCCBL3010A)100
CPCCBL3011AConstruct curved walls (CPCCBL3011A)32
CPCCBL3014AInstall fire-rated masonry construction (CPCCBL3014A)32
CPCCCA3002ACarry Out Setting Out (CPCCCA3002A)24
CPCCCM1012AWork effectively and sustainably in the construction industry (CPCCCM1012A)20
CPCCCM1013APlan And Organise Work (CPCCCM1013A)20
CPCCCM1014AConduct Workplace Communication (CPCCCM1014A)20
CPCCCM1015ACarry Out Measurements And Calculations (CPCCCM1015A)20
CPCCCM2001ARead And Interpret Plans And Specifications (CPCCCM2001A)36
CPCCCM2006BApply Basic Levelling Procedures (CPCCCM2006B)8
CPCCCM2008BErect And Dismantle Restricted Height Scaffolding (CPCCCM2008B)40
CPCCCM2009ACarry Out Basic Demolition (CPCCCM2009A)32
CPCCOHS2001AApply Ohs Requirements, Policies And Procedures In The Construction Industry (CPCCOHS2001A)20


Module CodeModule TitleNominal Hours
AHCLSC301Set out site for construction works (AHCLSC301)50
AHCLSC303Construct brick and block structures and features (AHCLSC303)100
CPCCBL3001ALay paving (CPCCBL3001A)24
CPCCBL3007AInstall glass blockwork (CPCCBL3007A)8
CPCCBL3012AConstruct fireplaces and chimneys (CPCCBL3012A)48
CPCCBL3013AConstruct masonry structural systems (CPCCBL3013A)40
CPCCBL3015AConstruct decorative brickwork (CPCCBL3015A)70
CPCCBL3016AConstruct battered masonry walls and piers (CPCCBL3016A)32
CPCCBL3017ACarry out tuck pointing to brickwork (CPCCBL3017A)12
CPCCCM2007BUse Explosive Power Tools (CPCCCM2007B)16
CPCCCM2010BWork Safely At Heights (CPCCCM2010B)8
CPCCCM3001COperate Elevated Work Platforms (CPCCCM3001C)32
CPCCCO2013ACarry Out Concreting To Simple Forms (CPCCCO2013A)20
CPCCSF2004APlace And Fix Reinforcement Materials (CPCCSF2004A)80

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed to show that you have achieved the skills and knowledge required by the course. Assessment may include written, oral or practical assessment methods. You will know in advance about the type of assessment and how it will operate. There is the opportunity for reassessment and appeal and you will be given this information.

What will I study?

see course module listing.

For course information, please call 13 TAFE (13 8233) or fill our enquiry form.

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Table 1

Enrolment type
Government Subsidised
Indicative total tuition fee#
Indicative total tuition fee#
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Full Fee
Indicative total tuition fee#

Table 2

Average course
material fees*


Average course
consumable fees*

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OZ: International Student
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student contact hours

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1060 1060 $3.27 $0.65 $13.28

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What costs and other fees should I expect?

Please contact the External Delivery department on 9279 2488 for more information regarding costs associated with this course.

Can I apply?

To be eligible for this course you must be currently working in the industry as a bricklayer and have a minimum of five years work experience.

It is also recommended that you have satisfactory numeracy and literacy skills to undertake this course or are mature age and have sufficient work experience to successfully undertake the course.

Where and how can I study?

This courses is delivered on site in a flexible way that suits your work, we will come to your work site and assess you there while you are working. The delivery is designed to fit in with a modern working environment.  If there are areas of work you have not undertaken you may be required to attend workshops at the Broadmeadows campus, these workshops are also designed to work around your work schedule with many of the dates set around the industry RDO calendar.

What employment opportunities will I have?

Upon completion you will be a qualified Bricklayer allowing you to work nationally.

What skills will I have when I complete this course?

This course will teach you a range of bricklaying skills including; constructing masonry arches, paving, basic demolition, install flashings, and basic concreting.

What qualifications will I receive?

On successful completion of the course you will be awarded the CPC30111 - Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blockmaking. As part of the Australian Qualifications Framework this program is nationally recognised.

What opportunities for further studies will I have?

This course will lead to higher level studies for a Certificate IV in Building and Construction which will help you become a qualified builder.

How do I apply?

Applicants can apply online or call the External Delivery department on 9279 2488 to speak to our team for more information.

How will I be selected for this course?

You will need to have access to a live work site and will need to have been involved in the industry for an amount of time prior to applying.