VCAL - Victorian Certificate Of Applied Learning (Foundation)

VCAL - Victorian Certificate Of Applied Learning (Foundation)

Course Code
Youth & Work Education
Study Area(s)
Course Length
Full-time(1 year)

Start Date(s): January 2021
End Date(s): November 2021
Days and Time: 4-5 days per week

Course Overview

If you haven't completed year 10 or have been out of school for a while, our VCAL Foundation will help you get back on the right track. VCAL is designed to help improve your Literacy, Numeracy, Work Ready and Communication skills as well as, preparing you to become job ready or commence a Kangan Institute pre-apprenticeship or other certificate level course.

Upon completion, you will attain a VCAL certificate (Foundation) as well as units in health, well-being, visual arts, information technology and the Certificate in General Education for Adults (Cert I in CGEA).

Foundation students do not undertake the VETiS program, so the CGEA is the alternative provided for students at this level.

In order to undertake this program/course, you must be at least 15 years of age.

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Module CodeModule TitleNominal Hours
LIT011Literacy skills foundation reading and writing (LIT011)100
LIT012Literacy Skills Foundation Oral Communication (LIT012)100
NUM011Numeracy Skills Foundation (NUM011)100
PDS011Personal Development Skills Unit 1 (Foundation) (PDS011)100
PDS012Personal Development Skills Unit 2 (foundation) (PDS012)100
WRS011Work Related Skills Unit 1 (foundation) (WRS011)100
WRS012Work Related Skills Unit 2 (foundation) (WRS012)100


Module CodeModule TitleNominal Hours
BSBDES201AFollow A Design Process (BSBDES201A)0
BSBINM201Process and maintain workplace information (BSBINM201)30
BSBINM301Organise Workplace Information (BSBINM301)30
BSBITU102ADevelop Keyboard Skills (BSBITU102A)0
BSBITU201Produce Simple Word Processed Documents (BSBITU201)60
BSBITU203ACommunicate Electronically (BSBITU203A)0
BSBWHS201AContribute To Health And Safety Of Self And Others (BSBWHS201A)20
BSBWOR203BWork Effectively With Others (BSBWOR203B)0
BSBWOR204AUse Business Technology (BSBWOR204A)0
BSBWOR301BOrganise Personal Work Priorities And Development (BSBWOR301B)0
CHCIC201BCommunicate With Children (CHCIC201B)0
CHCMH301CWork Effectively In Mental Health (CHCMH301C)0
CHCORG202CWork with others (CHCORG202C)0
CHCYTH301EWork Effectively With Young People (CHCYTH301E)0
CUSMCP302AWrite Song Lyrics (CUSMCP302A)0
CUSMLT201ADevelop And Apply Musical Ideas And Listening Skills (CUSMLT201A)0
CUVACD101AUse Basic Drawing Techniques (CUVACD101A)0
CUVACD201ADevelop Drawing Skills To Communicate Ideas (CUVACD201A)0
CUVDRA201ADevelop Drawing Skills (CUVDRA201A)0
CUVPAI201ADevelop Painting Skills (CUVPAI201A)0
CUVPRI201ADevelop Printmaking Skills (CUVPRI201A)0
CUVPRP201AMake Simple Creative Work (CUVPRP201A)0
CUVRES201ASource And Use Information Relevant To Own Arts Practice (CUVRES201A)0
CUVTEX201ADevelop skills in textile work (CUVTEX201A)0
FSKLRG04Use Basic Strategies For Work-related Learning (FSKLRG04)15
FSKNUM08Identify And Use Whole Numbers And Simple Fractions, Decimals And Percentages For Work (FSKNUM08)15
FSKNUM09Identify And Estimate Familiar Quantities For Work (FSKNUM09)15
FSKRDG07Read And Respond To Simple Workplace Information (FSKRDG07)15
FSKWTG06Write Simple Workplace Information (FSKWTG06)15
HLTAH301CAssist With An Allied Health Program (HLTAH301C)0
HLTAP301BRecognise Healthy Body Systems In A Health Care Context (HLTAP301B)0
HLTCSD201DMaintain High Standard Of Client Service (HLTCSD201D)0
HLTCSD305DAssist With Client Movement (HLTCSD305D)0
HLTCSD306DRespond Effectively To Behaviours Of Concern (HLTCSD306D)0
HLTHIR301CCommunicate And Work Effectively In Health (HLTHIR301C)0
HLTHIR403CWork Effectively With Culturally Diverse Clients And Co-workers (HLTHIR403C)20
HLTHIR404DWork effectively with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people (HLTHIR404D)20
HLTIN301CComply with infection control policies and procedures (HLTIN301C)0
HLTWHS200AParticipate In Whs Processes (HLTWHS200A)0
ICTICT101Operate a personal computer (ICTICT101)0
ICTICT103Use, Communicate And Search Securely On The Internet (ICTICT103)50
ICTICT104Use digital devices (ICTICT104)0
ICTICT204Operate a digital media technology package (ICTICT204)0
LMTCL2001BUse A Sewing Machine (LMTCL2001B)0
LMTCL2004BSew Components (LMTCL2004B)0
LMTCL2010BModify Patterns To Create Basic Styles (LMTCL2010B)0
LMTCL2011BDraw And Interpret A Basic Sketch (LMTCL2011B)0
LMTFD2001BDesign and produce a simple garmen (LMTFD2001B)0
LMTFD2005BIdentify Design Process For Fashion Designs (LMTFD2005B)0
LMTGN2001BFollow defined OHS policies and procedures (LMTGN2001B)0
LMTGN2002BApply Quality Standards (LMTGN2002B)0
LMTGN2003BWork In The Textiles, Clothing And Footwear Industry (LMTGN2003B)0
SIBBCCS302AAdvise On Beauty Services (SIBBCCS302A)0
SIBBFAS201ADemonstrate Retail Skin Care Products (SIBBFAS201A)0
SIBBNLS202AProvide Manicure And Pedicare Services (SIBBNLS202A)0
SIBBRES201AResearch And Apply Beauty Industry Information (SIBBRES201A)0
SIBXCCS201AConduct Financial Transactions (SIBXCCS201A)0
SIBXCCS202AProvide Service To Clients (SIBXCCS202A)0
SIBXFAS201ADesign And Apply Make-up (SIBXFAS201A)0
SIBXFAS202ADesign And Apply Make-up For Photography (SIBXFAS202A)30
SIHHBAS201APerform Shampoo And Basin Services (SIHHBAS201A)0
SIHHBAS202APerform head, neck and shoulder massage (SIHHBAS202A)0
SIHHCCS201AGreet And Prepare Clients For Salon Services (SIHHCCS201A)0
SIHHCLS201AApply Hair Colour Products (SIHHCLS201A)0
SIHHHDS201ADry Hair To Shape (SIHHHDS201A)0
SIHHHDS202AApply Hair Braiding Techniques (SIHHHDS202A)0
SIHHHRS201ARinse And Neutralise Chemically Restructured Hair (SIHHHRS201A)0
SIHHIND201AMaintain And Organise Tools, Equipment And Work Areas (SIHHIND201A)0
SIHHIND202ADevelop Hairdressing Industry Knowledge (SIHHIND202A)0
SIHHOHS201AApply Salon Safety Procedures (SIHHOHS201A)0
SIRXCLM001AOrganise and maintain work areas (SIRXCLM001A)0
SIRXIND001AWork Effectively In A Retail Environment (SIRXIND001A)0
SIRXMER001AMerchandise Products (SIRXMER001A)0
SIRXRPK002ARecommend Hair, Beauty And Cosmetic Products And Services (SIRXRPK002A)0
SIRXWHS101Apply Safe Work Practices (SIRXWHS101)0
SISFFIT306AProvide Healthy Eating Information To Clients In Accordance With Recommended Guidelines (SISFFIT306A)0
SISOBWG201ADemonstrate Bushwalking Skills In A Controlled Environment (SISOBWG201A)0
SISOFSH201ACatch And Handle Fish (SISOFSH201A)0
SISOFSH202ASelect, Catch And Use Bait (SISOFSH202A)0
SISOFSH203ASelect, rig and use terminal tackle (SISOFSH203A)0
SISOFSH204ASelect, use and maintain fishing tackle outfits (SISOFSH204A)0
SISOFSH205AConstruct and work simple fishing lures (SISOFSH205A)0
SISOFSH206ALocate And Attract Fish (SISOFSH206A)0
SISOODR201AAssist In Conducting Outdoor Recreation Sessions (SISOODR201A)0
SISOOPS201AMinimise Environmental Impact (SISOOPS201A)0
SISSSPT303AConduct basic warm-up and cool-down programs (SISSSPT303A)0
SISXCAI303APlan And Conduct Sport And Recreation Sessions (SISXCAI303A)0
SISXCAI306AFacilitate Groups (SISXCAI306A)0
SISXCCS201AProvide customer service (SISXCCS201A)0
SISXEMR201ARespond to emergency situations (SISXEMR201A)0
SISXIND101AWork Effectively In Sport And Recreation Environments (SISXIND101A)0
SISXOHS101AFollow Occupational Health And Safety Policies (SISXOHS101A)0
SISXRES301AProvide Public Education On The Use Of Resources (SISXRES301A)0
SISXRSK301AUndertake Risk Analysis Of Activities (SISXRSK301A)0
SISXWHS101Follow Work Health And Safety Policies (SISXWHS101)0
SITHCCC101Use food preparation equipment (SITHCCC101)0
SITHCCC102Prepare Simple Dishes (SITHCCC102)0
SITHCCC201Produce dishes using basic methods of cookery (SITHCCC201)0
SITHCCC202Produce appetisers and salads (SITHCCC202)0
SITHCCC203Produce Stocks, Sauces And Soups (SITHCCC203)0
SITHCCC204Produce Vegetable, Fruit, Egg And Farinaceous Dishes (SITHCCC204)0
SITHCCC207Use cookery skills effectively (SITHCCC207)0
SITHIND201Source And Use Information On The Hospitality Industry (SITHIND201)0
SITHKOP101Clean Kitchen Premises And Equipment (SITHKOP101)0
SITTGDE302Provide Arrival And Departure Assistance (SITTGDE302)0
SITTGDE306Research and share general information on Australian Indigenous cultures (SITTGDE306)0
SITTIND201Source And Use Information On The Tourism And Travel Industry (SITTIND201)0
SITTTSL201Operate An Online Information System (SITTTSL201)0
SITTTSL202Access And Interpret Product Information (SITTTSL202)0
SITTTSL301Provide Advice On International Destinations (SITTTSL301)0
SITTTSL302Provide Advice On Australian Destinations (SITTTSL302)0
SITXCCS201Provide visitor information (SITXCCS201)0
SITXCCS202Interact With Customers (SITXCCS202)0
SITXCOM201Show social and cultural sensitivity (SITXCOM201)0
SITXCOM401Manage conflict (SITXCOM401)0
SITXFSA101Use Hygienic Practices For Food Safety (SITXFSA101)0
SITXINV202Maintain The Quality Of Perishable Items (SITXINV202)0
SITXINV301Purchase Goods (SITXINV301)0
SITXWHS101Participate in safe work practices (SITXWHS101)0
VU21038Develop study skills (VU21038)0
VU21047Participate in a practical placement with support (VU21047)0
VU21298Conduct A Project With Guidance (VU21298)20
VU21313Develop Verbal Communication Skills (VU21313)15
VU21320Identify features of the health care system (VU21320)0
VU21323Develop And Document A Learning Plan And Portfolio (VU21323)0
VU21324Plan And Undertake A Project (VU21324)0
VU21325Engage With Texts Of Limited Complexity For Personal Purposes (VU21325)0
VU21326Engage With Texts Of Limited Complexity For Learning Purposes (VU21326)25
VU21327Engage With Texts Of Limited Complexity For Employment Purposes (VU21327)25
VU21328Engage With Texts Of Limited Complexity To Participate In The Community (VU21328)0
VU21329Create Texts Of Limited Complexity For Personal Purposes (VU21329)0
VU21330Create Texts Of Limited Complexity For Learning Purposes (VU21330)25
VU21331Create Texts Of Limited Complexity To Participate In The Workplace (VU21331)25
VU21332Create Texts Of Limited Complexity To Participate In The Community (VU21332)0
VU21333Work With A Range Of Numbers And Money In Familiar And Routine Situations (VU21333)30
VU21334Work With And Interpret Directions In Familiar And Routine Situations (VU21334)30
VU21335Work With Measurement In Familiar And Routine Situations (VU21335)30
VU21336Work With Design And Shape In Familiar And Routine Situations (VU21336)30
VU21337Work With And Interpret Numerical Information In Familiar And Routine Texts (VU21337)30
VU21338Work With And Interpret Statistical Information In Familiar And Routine Texts (VU21338)30
VU21343Undertake a simple investigation of health and wellbeing (VU21343)20
VU21351Investigate driving and owning a car (VU21351)0
VU21354Implement And Review A Project (VU21354)0
VU21370Investigate Features Of Australian Culture (VU21370)0
VU21375Evaluate Pathway Options, Design A Learning Plan And Complete A Portfolio (VU21375)0
VU21380Create A Range Of Highly Complex Texts For Personal Purposes (VU21380)0
VU21389Design And Review A Project (VU21389)0
VU21663Develop Personal Effectiveness (VU21663)0
VU21664Prepare For Employment (VU21664)30
VU21665Develop An Action Plan For Career Planning (VU21665)0
VU21666Participate in job seeking activities (VU21666)50

How will I be assessed?

Assessment may include written, oral or practical assessment methods. You will be advised in advance about the type of assessment and how it will operate. There is the opportunity for reassessment and appeal.

Additional comments

More information about the VCAL (Foundation) course is available by contacting the VCAL office on 9279-2450 or email

What will I study?

You will be enrolled in a variety of units which will develop your literacy, numeracy, communication, IT and employability skills. To view the full list of units, please click on the module listing link in the course overview section above.

For course information, please call 13 TAFE (13 8233) or fill our enquiry form.

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Free TAFE and JobTrainer courses only: Students eligible for Free TAFE receive the tuition rate free. Students eligible for JobTrainer pay 20% of the tuition. Materials, consumables and student services fees are payable by all students and do not receive a JobTrainer discount, however concession rates for student services fees are available for concession card holders, apprentices, trainees and 100% off campus delivery courses. Please note that these tuition rates only apply to courses offered under the Free TAFE or JobTrainer schemes.

The fees listed below relate to 2021 courses and are indicative pricing only as total costs vary depending on the units you elect to study.

Concessions for Diploma and Advanced Diploma course categories are only available to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders.

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Course availability is subject to enrolment numbers.

Your total course fee will typically include your tuition fee (table 1), any applicable consumables and/or material fees (table 2) and non-tuition fees such as student support fees (table 3).

Table 1

Enrolment type
Government Subsidised
Indicative total tuition fee#
Indicative total tuition fee#
Check your eligibility
Full Fee
Indicative total tuition fee#

Table 2

Average course
material fees*


Average course
consumable fees*

# The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.
* Materials/Consumables fees may vary for each individual based on the units they are studying.
Average tuition fees are based on the typical number of student contact hours undertaken by a student to complete this course. Average fees displayed are purely indicative and may not be your actual fee. Fees vary based on the number/hours of electives chosen by the student.

Click here to view maximum tuition fees. We strongly urge you to contact us for a more exact calculation of your fees. Additional fees may apply such as the Student Support Fee. 

2021 Student Services Fee (Table 3)

 Type of cohort:

Eligible full fee paying student (more than 125 SC hours) Non eligible/FFS  full fee paying student (more than 125 SC hours) Special cohort classes:
  • Concession card holders
  • Apprentices
  • Trainees
  • Work based students (100% off campus delivery)
  • Full online delivery (100% off campus delivery)
Any students studying less than 125 hours in the full year
Domestic student services fees for 2021: $0.40 per student contact hour. $60 min total to $200 max total $0.40 per student contact hour. $60 min total to $200 max total $60 fixed fee None


The following fee categories are exempt from the SSF -
ASH: Asylum Seeker Or Victim Of Human Trafficking Concession
ASZ: Asylum Seeker Or Victim Of Human Trafficking Non-concession
X: Community-based Orders/Judy Lazarus Transition Centre
OZ: International Student
M: Prisoner
YTC: Young People Transitioning From Care – Concession
YTN: Young People Transitioning From Care - No Concession
Short courses

student contact hours

Total hours^ Indicative hours* Government Subsidised $/SCH Indigenous Concession $/SCH Full fee $/SCH
1000 1000 $1.05 $0.21 $7.29

^This is based on the maximum number of student contact hours for the total duration of the course. Hours may vary depending on electives chosen by the student.

*This is based on the maximum number of student contact hours for the calendar year of 2021. Hours may vary depending on electives chosen by the student. If you have to undertake training as part of Skills Recognition, your tuition fees are charged according to the applicable rate per Student Contact Hour depending on your eligibility for government subsidised, concession or full fees.

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What costs and other fees should I expect?

Course and materials fees will vary. You may also be eligible for government subsidised training or other exemptions. Your actual fees will be assessed upon enrolment.

For more information call 13 TAFE (13 8233) or email your enquiry by clicking on the 'Enquire' button above.

Can I apply?

There are no set prerequisite requirements. However, you must be at least 16 years of age. It is also recommended that you have satisfactory literacy and numeracy skills. This will be determined by a Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment at the time of interview.

Where and how can I study?

You will study at the Broadmeadows or Richmond Campus.

What employment opportunities will I have?

The VCAL Foundation program will develop your general skills increasing your eligibility for further study and employability in a variety of industries.

What skills will I have when I complete this course?

On completion the VCAL Foundation Certificate, you will have improved your literacy, numeracy, communication and work ready skills.

What qualifications will I receive?

On successful completion of this course you will receive a Certificate I CGEA (Certificate in General Education for Adults) and the VCAL certificate (Foundation level).

What opportunities for further studies will I have?

You will be able to apply for a variety of courses including a pre-apprenticeship, VCAL Intermediate or other TAFE courses. You will also obtain credits towards your next course.

How do I apply?

You can make an online application by clicking on the 'Apply Here' button above or contact us on 13 TAFE (13 8233) or email for more information.

How will I be selected for this course?

Applicants will need to attend an interview session and also undertake a Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment to identify the appropriate VCAL level.