Is a career in interior design right for me?

Kangan Institute Blog Is a career in interior design right for me?

Date: 20th February 2018
Is a career in interior design right for me?

Have you often found yourself drawn to interiors of buildings and wondering how to improve them? Do you have an eye for design, colour and materials? Do you have an artistic flair and enjoy drawing or creating things? Do you have an interest in making spaces more practical? More stylish? More aesthetically pleasing? Are you wondering, Is a career in interior design right for me? If so, this could be the career for you!

What skills do successful interior designers need?

Given that interior spaces are so varied, and the options for anything from redecorating to restructuring are so vast, it’s not surprising that the knowledge base for interior designers must be broad. The sources of inspiration are almost limitless, the ability to relate your client’s goals and objectives and demonstrate possibilities is a definite advantage.

The more thorough understanding you have of the many design styles and concepts the better you’ll do, as you’ll be asked to respond to and interpret customer briefs continuously. What your client wants is almost as unlimited as the materials you can make it from. Are they looking for spaces with comfort? Or style? Or seeking to maximise value to their property? All motivations that can create vastly different projects and will require skills to match!

Having strong knowledge of design principles and the ability to create artwork both by hand and electronically will also be of great benefit, as you will be better able to bring your client’s vision to life. Having great interpersonal skills to build relationships with your clients and therefore get a greater understanding of what they want to achieve will be very, very helpful too.

But this is a job that is not limited to product knowledge and understanding of client’s requirements. Arguably the most important weapon in an interior designer’s armory is passion. Passion for the subject, its new and upcoming trends, and the variety of different materials, fabrics, furnishings and lighting that can be used in your work. Being able to devour new knowledge and trends with enthusiasm to a certain degree will be a great asset – as well as ensuring that on-the-job training is never a chore!

Is a career in interior design right for me?

How do I make a start?

Getting an interior design qualification is a great start! The Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration (MSF50213) from Kangan Institute is an excellent interior design program, offering the opportunity to earn a nationally recognised qualification within just 12 months. Visit here.

It will also be very useful to have a professional portfolio, so you can demonstrate your interests and skills to future employers. Fortunately, you’ll build one if you the study interior design program at Kangan Institute. A portfolio is important because it’s a practical demonstration of your skills and ideas – giving prospective clients confidence in your ability to be an interior decorator. Getting you on track to be working at an interior design firm in no time!

What does an average day look like?

Broadly speaking, there isn’t really an average day for an interior designer. Working with clients and interpreting their requirements is obviously a significant part of your role at an interior design firm, as is increasing your client base by attracting new customers – meaning strong organisational skills are an advantage. You’ll also be managing tradespeople on your projects as they bring your ideas into reality (those interpersonal skills again). Retail addicts can rejoice as you’ll be doing a lot of shopping as you source materials and furniture for your projects!

How can I progress my career?

Interior Design can offer a number of career options for experienced candidates looking to branch out. If you’re looking at a more focused approach pathways into furniture design, exhibition and/or lighting design, or production design for theatre, TV or film are all exciting options.

What are the highlights of my job?

Many! You’ll be seeing your projects through first hand from inception to conclusion handling all the steps and challenges along the way which can be an immensely satisfying experience as you turn previously lacklustre interior spaces into inspiring and creative ones. But more than that, by transforming spaces you’ll be positively impacting your client’s lives. You’ll literally be bringing people’s dreams to life! That’s not something you can say about many careers!

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